Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My tryst with Cyclone Nisha

This year Chennai was not so lucky in the yearly cyclone missing it and hitting poor Andhra Pradesh. The cyclone christened, Nisha decided to visit Chennai and Oh Boy!! It was not a pretty picture.
The roads got flooded, schools and colleges were given holidays, university exams got postponed and even IT companies gave leave. I assure you that I love the rain but rains in Chennai are horrible. The rain water stagnates and mixes up with the sewage water and I’m just stopping with that. You can imagine the rest.
I was returning from work and all the roads were flooded and it was raining heavily. Lots of people got stranded due to water entering the engines. The cab drops me near home and I need to walk to my apartment and there is water up nearly knee length. I had just read an article prior to leaving work that due to the heavy rains lots of snakes come out and I’m petrified of snakes. I need to wade through the water and the street lights were out too. I bravely ventured in the water and every time something touched my body, mostly a twig I would scream. I was shit scared about snakes slithering on my body. Finally a stranger who was forging through the same way, held my hand like I was a small child and guided me to my apartment. I felt like such a retard!!!
I thought I was done with Nisha. The company declared holiday the next day. I was going to my home town that day and needed to catch the train. Luckily it had stopped raining but there was stagnant water. I decided to walk on the side of the road with my luggage. I was wearing the most boring of salwars and didn’t bother much with my hair or face since I’m just going to the station. I was walking and the next thing I know my feet had sunk into sand. I thought I got stuck in a quick sand. I had the presence of mind to throw my luggage on to the nearby footpath. I’m stuck in sand up to my knee. I can’t take a step forward or backward. I was nearly in tears. Luckily two hot sexy Russians (which I found out later on) stopped their car. One guy held my waist and pulled me out. It was like something you see in the movies. The whole time I was thinking, ‘Why did I have to wear my boring salwar? Why couldn’t I have worn my short skirt? Why didn’t I put some make up on?’ it’s not every day that I have two sexy guys saving my life. I nearly shouted ‘My heroes!!’ I controlled myself and managed to mumble a thank you.
So in a way I need to thank cyclone Nisha for due to which I had two very very hot guys saving my life. It’s not like my life was in danger and if the hot sexy guys didn’t turn up I would die. In given time I would have dragged myself out. Who cares about all that? I was rescued by hot sexy Russians and one of whose names was Gustav. It was just like a scene out of mills and boon romance.…

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Its Raining!!! Its Pouring!!!

Finally the monsoon has hit Chennai. The climate is so confusing this year . One moment it will be as hot as the Sahara and the next it’s raining so heavily that even Cherapunji will look at Chennai and go ‘Wow!!’
I didn’t sleep properly at all last night with all the lightning and thunder. I sleep beside the window and the curtain was drawn a little bit. Whenever the lightning struck, I felt like I was at a premiere of a movie where all the photographers were taking my pictures except that I was in my night clothes and lying down.
Whenever it rains and there is lightning and thunder, it reminds me of this one night in school hostel almost 6 yrs ago. Ours was a circular dormitory with the middle bit open , similar to the nalukettu houses in kerala, with windows around it. All of us had gone to sleep except for a few and at around 11 pm the current went off. It was raining like crazy with lightning and thunder. Kavitha was sitting on the top bunk and was reading the Bhagvad Gita when the current went off.
Let me introduce Rajani to you guys, who had this problem that whenever the current went off, even if she’s in deep sleep, would get up and hyperventilate. So what we used to do was keep an emergency lamp on charge next to her so that even if the current goes off, the lamp would switch on. On this particular night, it was not kept next to her and as usual she got up, started hyperventilating and also started calling to her friend ‘Renu’ (loudly & repeatedly) who was not even a hostelite, which was very strange. This was the first time. Kavitha in the dark, somehow found the lamp and went to Rajani’s bed and switched it on and Rajani immediately quietened and went back to sleep.
In the mean time, there was Nosheen who’s sleeping on a metal bed next to me, was shitting bricks because her uncle’s house had caught fire when lightning struck a metal bed, though I don’t how true that story is, and she kept trying to wake me up since I was the closest but I was sleeping like a log and dint hear a single thing. Kavitha told Nosheen to grow up and go to sleep. After that the dorm is completely quiet, no thunder or lightening.
Suddenly a girl’s voice starts singing ‘Hallelujah … Hallelujah…’ (similar to the hymn in the Mr. Bean episode where he goes to the church). Nosheen is nearly in tears and Kavitha shouts ‘Who’s singing??’ No reply and no sound. After some time, the singing starts again. Then the singing stops and Nosheen feels a hand tugging on her arm and pulling her. She screams and mind you I’m sleeping right next to her and slept, in Nosheen’s words , like I was dead. It was another girl, Nisha, asking Nosheen to come and sleep on her bed since she’s scared. Nosheen went and slept on Nisha’s bed and the rest of the night was peaceful.
The next day we are all up discussing about the previous night’s incident. I got an earful from Nosheen and she told me that I’ll be the last person on earth that she would call or ask for help , if anything happens to her. No one knew who the mystery singer was. We were talking about ghosts and stuff like that. Kavitha went around asking everyone and she didn’t find the singer. Everyone in school was discussing about this incident and the mysterious singer. Finally in the evening, Nisha finally admits that it was her singing. She dint want to admit it in the night or morning of fear of getting shouted by Kavitha or Nosheen. Oh boy!! She was so wrong. She got it even more from them. All in all we had a good hearty laugh.
I have told this anecdote to people whenever it rains and it’s still so funny each time. All in all I love the rainy season. I love the smell of wet earth. I love to sit in the balcony, drink hot coffee and read a good book with light romantic music in the background on a rainy day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Religion and Blind Faith

There is so much of talk about religion and faith everywhere. India shows that it is truly secular with the attacks on churches, bombed temples and blasts at mosques. All in the name of religion and faith in the God almighty.
If everyone needs a tangible evidence in the concept of God I would suggest the Sun to take the place. It’s better than praying to human figures and animals. The sun plays a lot more role in our lives than any other figures. Come on what if the Sun decides not to rise or changes its path, then what will happen to everyone??
Every day I see my neighbor, an old man doing his Surya Namaskara (worship of the sun) in his balcony. It’s fascinating to see him to pray to the sun which ultimately is the one thing that is close to the God that all of us have chalked up and been fed to us from generations to generations. Even I look at the sun and realize how insignificant we all are compared to it. The world will go on with or without us but not without the sun. As we look into the past we realized that our ancestors used to pray to the Sun, which makes a lot of sense because it brings light into the world. I find it so ridiculous that people pray and look up to other human beings who has done a miracle which is nothing in comparison to the sun. I sometimes feel that people have taken the whole concept of religion and God a way too far. The religious institutions are making people believe something which is not there and people, even educated ones, blindly believe it. They say all your sins will be washed off if you donate cash to the institution, so in retrospect to say that a rich man can commit murder and his sins will be forgiven if he donates money. I mean isn’t this what they are propagating? Look at all the religious channels and all those preachers and swamis? People flocking up to them thinking that they are an extension of God and can do miracles. If that is what they claim to be then no one should ever be sick.
Blind faith fascinates me. How can people belief stuff without questioning it? I was brought up to believe that God is a nice person but (there’s always a but) he’ll punish you if you do something wrong. So at a young age I was made to love and fear God at the same time. As I grew up realized that it was so wrong. I’m not propagating that I’m an atheist. I do believe in the concept of God. I don’t believe in religion. I came across the following while browsing online.

‘I love God. It’s his fan club that makes me nervous.’

This is so true. I mean look at the religious fanatics out there. Even terrorists are an extension of this. I can’t believe that the same species can be so brilliant and dumb at the same time. I mean isn’t God the one who tells us to love thy neighbor. I never came across the part about bomb thy neighbor and get brownie points from me. It scares to see where we are heading and how this is going to affect the future generation.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The day I Lost My Voice

I got up today morning to realize that I have lost my voice and sound like a frog. It was so freaky. I felt like Ariel, the little mermaid, when she lost her voice to Ursula except mine was replaced with a frog’s. I felt Ariel got a better deal. I mean it’s better not to have a voice rather than sounding like a frog.
The strangest bit was today out of all the days I felt like singing and I couldn’t. I’m taking a shower and I wanted to break out into a song and all that came out of my mouth were ‘Croak Croak Ribbit Ribbit’ :(
I was also going for the movie ‘Rock On’ which in between is a really superb movie. I wanted to sing along to all the songs. I couldn’t so I was doing a lip synch act. Lol.. I was not that bad. I should really go for stage shows. I could lip synch even better than the rock stars..
After the movie I went along with my friend to get her hair cut. The hair stylist, whose gender I still have not figured out yet, was advising me that I should quit smoking. I tried explaining to him/her that I don’t smoke and he/she was like ‘Darling, spare me’ I was like ‘Fine, I’ll quit smoking’ (Eyes rolling)
This is the first time I have lost my voice. At first I heard myself I was like ‘Hey, this could be my sexy husky voice’ but I got an input from a very reliable resource that I was so wrong. It only sounded sexy and husky in my head and to others I just sounded like Darth Vader.
My servant has given me a medicine she claims would cure my throat after a good night’s sleep. I personally feel she got me slightly drunk. She asked me to gulp down a very suspicious liquid which tasted like a vodka shot. It nearly got my throat burned which was so opposite of what it is supposed to do. So I might end up like Ariel, with no voice. But in Ariel’s case she fought the villain and got her voice back and lived with her prince forever. In my case it would be the story of the ‘Princess and the frog’ except it would be called the ‘Prince and the frog’

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Regrets!!

There are so many things to do and so little time. Well that’s what people keep telling themselves for not doing all the stuff they wanted to do. I’m no exception.

I always kept telling myself that I would religiously write my blog once I get my laptop. Got that and its been more than a month. I have not even opened up blog and checked it. I was so caught up with so many other things and writing my blog just was the last thing on my mind.

I have been wanting to do a lot of things but never quite get around to it. i’m so caught up with the day to day mundane things that I forget to appreciate the small things which make me really happy like writing my blog, talking to a friend, smelling the flowers..

I don’t want to look back years from now and regret that I could have done so many things which I do even now!! Considering I had so many opportunities to do so many things while I was in college that sometimes I feel really stupid. The worst feeling one can ever feel is regret. I keep telling myself to never regret the things that I have done in my life. Its made me who I am and I am proud of the experiences. I have become a better person (or worse lol)

So my mantra for today is ‘No Regrets’…

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

High Heel Confidential

Recently I had seen a program on Discovery’s Travel and Living called High Heel Confidential. Well as the title goes it was all about High Heels. Yeah I thoroughly enjoyed it and just watching the program itself produced a lot of happy hormones. Equivalent to eating 2 bars of chocolate.
It was a very interesting show. To think that men also used to wear high heels. I think some of them still do(he he he). In fact they have been wearing it since the sixteenth century. Wearing heels was a sign of status and wealth since only the rich could afford it then.
The famous stilettos were introduced in the 1950s and there has been no stopping back. Women have been in love with high heels for years. There are books written on heels. This clearly shows women’s obsession to heels. Its equivalent to Man’s mean machine collection. Au contraire ours is dainty and beautiful.
It would be logical to think that women must be behind the creations of the Gucci’s, Prada’s and
Manolo Blahnik’s (made famous by the Sarah Jessica Parker and her gang from ‘Sex and the City’) It was surprising to find out that it’s men designing it. The only exception in that club was Jimmy Choo. Initially it was Jimmy designing the shoes but he concentrates on making the shoes and the designing bit is done by the co-owner of Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon.
Research has been done and still continues about women in heels and their obsession for another pair. Men can never seem to understand them. An interesting research study was done where 10 attractive women, out of which 5 were asked to wear heels and the other 5 had to wear flats. 5 men were asked to talk to the each group separately. The group that wore flats had a lot more conversation happening with the men. In the sense, that there was equivalent participation from both the man and the woman. The men were listening, rather than talking to the group that wore heels. The men were observing the women while listening to them talk. This is because once a woman wears heels, her body posture and language changes drastically. Her front and rear end tends to stick out a little bit more than normal and that gives her a sexy posture. Men just go gaga over it. They rather concentrate on looking at the woman than talking to her. So from this we conclude, if you want to have a full fledged conversation with your man, don’t wear heels , it will distract him. If you want him to get you that gorgeous Jimmy Choo, you saw the other day, wear your heels and tell him how much you have been wanting to have those shoes. He’ll gladly agree….

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why I like ‘Geet’ from ‘Jab We Met’

I was never a big fan of Kareena Kapoor. I always thought she over acted and was very irritating to watch on the screen. One day I was so bored at home and my sister had got the CD of Jab We Met. I decided to watch it and quite frankly I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.
Kareena has done full justice to the character of Geet and no wonder she’s flooded with awards for this movie. I fell in love with the character Geet (not in a lesbian sort of way, this is an fyi for all the guys) . I really admire her outlook towards life. Enjoy every moment in your life. I particularly like a scene where she’s running away from home to get married to the guy of her choice along with Shahid Kapoor who is her friend (well at least at that point in the movie, he’s still her friend). She and Shahid are hiding in the terrace of her house, while her entire family is searching for them. Geet will console Shahid saying that ‘Don’t worry everything will be ok’. Shahid will look at her amazed. He’ll tell her ‘You are consoling me!! I could take the next flight back home and none of this will affect me’ and she’ll be like ‘Right now we are tensed about this situation but years from now we’ll look back at this day and laugh about it. We would probably never experience this situation ever again. So enjoy it while it lasts’
That scene was like an eye opener for me. Here is a girl who could get into so much of trouble is she’s caught and she’s consoling someone else who will not be affected by this situation at all. There have so many instances in my life where I was so tensed and stressed out and then later on when I think about it was not a big deal. A very good example is when I had to undergo ragging during my first year of college. After college hours, we would have to meet the seniors and we would be so scared because we have no idea what stupid things they’ll ask us to do. I used to hate those days and wonder when the ragging would get over. Now when I think about it, it was so funny and plus I have so many funny stories to tell my friends. If I had enjoyed those moments instead of being so scared, it would have been even more fun.
So I have taken up Geet’s attitude towards life and am enjoying every moment of it (well at least I try to). I have come to realize that we have only one life, enjoy as much as you can and don’t take it too seriously.

Monday, June 23, 2008

‘The Happening’ – Someone Please Strangle Me!!!

What was Manoj Night Shyamalan onto? I think he was smoking up weed and getting drunk at the same time when he wrote the script for ‘ The Happening’.
Plants are out to get us. Oooo.. I’m scared… Come on… Give me a break…
Other than Sixth Sense, I have not seen any of his other movies. Apparently I have been told that I am one of the few blessed for not going through the torture of watching his movies.
I went for this movie for free and I still felt it was a waste of money. I felt a part of me died while watching the movie. I had read reviews of the movie which mentioned that the movie is not even worth downloading from the net and watching it. I decided to keep an open mind while watching the movie.
I have been a die hard fan of Mark Walhberg since his Calvin Klein modeling days (Girls!! Just google it and check out the pics. Its smoking hot!! Sigh!!), so I was like he has done a couple of good movies and he wouldn’t do something stupid. Well I was proved completely wrong. I lost all respect for him after watching the movie. I had read an article of Mark Walhberg where he said that he cried while watching the movie. Now I know why??This was like one of his worst career moves. Now I feel he should have just stuck to underwear modeling. He was so much better. I so hate Manoj Shyamalan for this. I personally hold him responsible for making me loose respect for Mark.
I thought Sanjay Leela Bhansali was bad for making a crappy movie like ‘Saawariya’. He was on top of my list of ‘Movie Directors who should be shot on sight’. Well Manoj has replaced him. At least in Saawariya, there was Ranbir Kapoor nearly naked. In ‘The Happening’, Mark Walhberg does not even remove his shirt and there is no women skin show to satisfy the male species.
But I gotta give it to Manoj for writing this shitty piece of a story, at least for originality and for convincing people to produce the movie and getting someone like Mark to act in this movie. I wonder if we all will be blessed with another Manoj Night Shyamalan movie…..

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friendship or whatever………

What is the definition of friendship? How do we know if someone is taking advantage of our friendship? There are friends whom you’ll do anything for. But the question, how far will you go? Before you realize that the person is using you in the name of friendship.
I still consider my school friends as my very close friends, like my 3 AM friends. A 3 AM friend is someone whom you can call like anytime of the day or night and talk about your problem and that person will be there for you, no matter what. It does not have to be that you have to be in touch with them on a day to day basis.
Now I wonder whether I feel like that about my school friends due to the lack of contact. I mean I do mail them, chat with them, but we don’t meet on a daily basis and she doesn’t know what’s happening with me on a day to day basis.
After school, I have met a lot of people in college, at work , some of them are friends and some of them are acquaintances. But the definition of a friend is different now. My personal experience is that whenever I tried very hard or did eventually make a good friend, someone I can share my day to day personal issues with ( not like a boyfriend or something), they end up hurting me or the friendship hardly lasts. Its either I hurt them or they hurt me and the friendship is tainted. I was struggling to make friends similar to the ones in school but I was unable to. It is that once you grow older, the innocence is no longer there, everyone’s automatically thinking of making a contact (someone they will have some use in the future) but not a friend. I am not generalizing it, there are exceptions in everything. But for me personally, I have had so many bad experiences, that I keep a distance with everyone. I just create a wall around me not allowing anyone to hurt me. It’s easier that way than opening up and getting hurt.
Sometimes I feel it’s just me that I have had such rotten luck with friends. I do not know how to judge when it comes to making a friend. Creating this emotional wall has helped me not get hurt. I’m much happier now. It’s a bad world out there, where everyone has a selfish motive for everything. I’m just trying to take the positive out of everything and trying to enjoy life.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Memories of College…..

I took life for granted when I was in college. There were times when I wished for college to end. I guess there are lot of people who would have felt the same.
Now when I look back at the snaps taken during the college or remember the times spend in college, I wish I had enjoyed the days to the maximum. I wish my approach to life was live for the moment. I was too caught up with other things to enjoy the moment. I would be worried about thousand other things like Record submission, unit tests etc which look so mundane to my eyes now.
I have been working for two years and even I know I tell my colleagues anecdotes of college as if it had happened yesterday. I regret for the many things I could have done while I was in college but I do cherish the times that I enjoyed in college.
I still remember the first year of ragging where I used to be so scared of my seniors. The stupidest of things that were asked by seniors. Nowadays when I have a rough day in office or things are just getting to me I just look at my college life and just laugh at the funny stuff that has happened.
I can’t believe that a seminar that needs to be given to my own classmates would drive my sleep away. Now I give presentations to top level executives and I realize how I have grown up and how college has helped me gain my confidence. I can vouch for the fact that academically everything was self taught. The professors were for namesake. No offense to them. Come on, where were we in class to listen to their lecture??? They gave up hope long time back on us. Fridays were the days, where the professors themselves will ask the few who did bother turning up for lecture to bunk college. The only times I could remember when we had full strength in class were for university exams and even for that some idiots didn’t turn up.
I’m just glad that I have these wonderful memories of college, not look back and say ‘Ya whatever!!! College was so so’ There might be people who would have had more fun, but to me personally, no one can replace those moments in my life and whatever little or more fun I had, I enjoyed it thoroughly….

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sponsor a Child.. Make a difference…

Sponsoring for a child’s needs is one of the noblest things a person can do. There is always adoption, but in nowadays world people are so caught up with their own things that they don’t have the time or energy that is required for adopting a child. But people have money so therefore, sponsoring would be the next best thing.
It would hardly cost the sponsor a few hundred rupees a month to help a needy child lead a better life. That money would take care of the child’s living and educational expenses including books and study materials.
Some Organizations even give you a monthly update of the sponsored child’s progress. The sponsor would be like a guardian to the child. The sponsor can even meet the child, keep in contact with the child and meet them at the institution where they stay.
It’s an eye-opener to realize that a child’s entire monthly expense can be taken care of for the price of a T-shirt or a pair of sandals. For a working woman, in nowadays world, 600Rs is peanuts. That would be the cost for a meal of two. It’s amazing to see that the same 600Rs can be put to good use and change a person’s life completely.
There are many reasons to sponsor a child. I am just listing a few out.

  • You are making a huge difference in another human being’s life.
  • This is better than buying expensive recycled paper, not that I have anything against recycled paper. Everyone should do their part in saving the environment.
  • You get to actually see that your money is being put to good use.
  • This reason is for the all the people who feel that nobody cares or loves them. Sponsor a child and you will have someone who will adore and respect you for the rest of your life.
  • You might help in the process of making an Albert Einstein, Sunitha Williams or a Michael Jordan.
  • Giving a child hope, that the world is not cruel and there are people who care for them.
  • This reason is for those people who feel that they should gain something out of sponsoring a child. Well if you are in India then you get Tax benefits under section 80G.

These are just few of the reasons and there are many more to sponsor a child. So next time you are going on a shopping spree, think about that T shirt you want to get. Is it really necessarily or can you use that money more effectively somewhere else? You can transform a life in a powerful manner with the money that is being spend on not so necessary items.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Define your perfect day

Today is going to be a perfect day. You start with that attitude, then no one or nothing can ever spoil your day.
The definition of a perfect day depends on the individual. What does a person mean by a perfect day? For some people it could be that at the end of the day they feel that they have achieved something or done a good deed. For others it could be that, they enjoyed themselves or nothing went wrong that day. Everything went according to the plan.
If you strive a little bit, you can make everyday perfect. It’s your day and no one has any right or authority to spoil it for you. How a day went depends on you and not your environment? It’s your attitude. Let me tell you about this friend of mine, a day he defined as perfect to me. He had tones of work and deadlines to meet. His boss is literally breathing down his neck. He’s had a rough day throughout, but in the evening he takes some time out to meet his girlfriend. They spend around 2 hrs in a coffee shop. After meeting her, he felt his day was perfect, he completely forgot about the tension at work.
I was amazed by his attitude. He’s had a rough day at work and hardly spend 2 hrs with his girl and the day is perfect. If I were in his position I would be like the day was so bad but the only time I felt good was when I met my partner, but I wouldn’t necessarily call the day perfect. His attitude got me into thinking, as to what is my definition of a perfect day. May be I need to redefine it.
It’s your outlook towards others and life in general that will give a definition of a perfect day for you. So next time you feel that your day wasn’t perfect, reflect on the day and your definition of a perfect day.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Feeling Stressed Out??? Go Shoe Shopping

A woman can never have enough pair of footwear. Unlike men we have footwear for every occasion. Men have like to a max of 3 pairs and they can pull that off for any function, any place or any time. Men will never understand our never ending need for another pair. They call us weird, wonder whether we have extra legs that they do not know of.
I read in an article that a women who’s stressed out should go shoe shopping, not necessarily that she has to buy a pair. She just have to try on one. It just makes her feel very dainty and feminine. For that few minutes she feels that her life is perfect. My personal favorite is to try on a pair of stilettos when I am stressed out or upset over something. I feel elevated and free of problems. For that few minutes when I walk around in the store I feel like a model walking down the ramp.
It is a much viable option than going clothes shopping. There is a possibility that an outfit might make the woman look too fat or too thin. Its back to stressing out for a completely different reason which will remind her of her earlier reason due to which she was stressed out.
A woman can never look fat or thin while trying on footwear. The worst case scenario would be that her size of the footwear will not be available. No problemo. Try on a different style. There is so much to choose from.
So next time you feel that you are burdened with work, your partner is irritating you or you just don’t have anything to do, just go try on a pair of shoes.