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Memories of College…..

I took life for granted when I was in college. There were times when I wished for college to end. I guess there are lot of people who would have felt the same.
Now when I look back at the snaps taken during the college or remember the times spend in college, I wish I had enjoyed the days to the maximum. I wish my approach to life was live for the moment. I was too caught up with other things to enjoy the moment. I would be worried about thousand other things like Record submission, unit tests etc which look so mundane to my eyes now.
I have been working for two years and even I know I tell my colleagues anecdotes of college as if it had happened yesterday. I regret for the many things I could have done while I was in college but I do cherish the times that I enjoyed in college.
I still remember the first year of ragging where I used to be so scared of my seniors. The stupidest of things that were asked by seniors. Nowadays when I have a rough day in office or things are just getting to m…

Sponsor a Child.. Make a difference…

Sponsoring for a child’s needs is one of the noblest things a person can do. There is always adoption, but in nowadays world people are so caught up with their own things that they don’t have the time or energy that is required for adopting a child. But people have money so therefore, sponsoring would be the next best thing.
It would hardly cost the sponsor a few hundred rupees a month to help a needy child lead a better life. That money would take care of the child’s living and educational expenses including books and study materials.
Some Organizations even give you a monthly update of the sponsored child’s progress. The sponsor would be like a guardian to the child. The sponsor can even meet the child, keep in contact with the child and meet them at the institution where they stay.
It’s an eye-opener to realize that a child’s entire monthly expense can be taken care of for the price of a T-shirt or a pair of sandals. For a working woman, in nowadays world, 600Rs is peanuts. That would…

Define your perfect day

Today is going to be a perfect day. You start with that attitude, then no one or nothing can ever spoil your day.
The definition of a perfect day depends on the individual. What does a person mean by a perfect day? For some people it could be that at the end of the day they feel that they have achieved something or done a good deed. For others it could be that, they enjoyed themselves or nothing went wrong that day. Everything went according to the plan.
If you strive a little bit, you can make everyday perfect. It’s your day and no one has any right or authority to spoil it for you. How a day went depends on you and not your environment? It’s your attitude. Let me tell you about this friend of mine, a day he defined as perfect to me. He had tones of work and deadlines to meet. His boss is literally breathing down his neck. He’s had a rough day throughout, but in the evening he takes some time out to meet his girlfriend. They spend around 2 hrs in a coffee shop. After meeting her, he…

Feeling Stressed Out??? Go Shoe Shopping

A woman can never have enough pair of footwear. Unlike men we have footwear for every occasion. Men have like to a max of 3 pairs and they can pull that off for any function, any place or any time. Men will never understand our never ending need for another pair. They call us weird, wonder whether we have extra legs that they do not know of.
I read in an article that a women who’s stressed out should go shoe shopping, not necessarily that she has to buy a pair. She just have to try on one. It just makes her feel very dainty and feminine. For that few minutes she feels that her life is perfect. My personal favorite is to try on a pair of stilettos when I am stressed out or upset over something. I feel elevated and free of problems. For that few minutes when I walk around in the store I feel like a model walking down the ramp.
It is a much viable option than going clothes shopping. There is a possibility that an outfit might make the woman look too fat or too thin. Its back to stressing o…