Define your perfect day

Today is going to be a perfect day. You start with that attitude, then no one or nothing can ever spoil your day.
The definition of a perfect day depends on the individual. What does a person mean by a perfect day? For some people it could be that at the end of the day they feel that they have achieved something or done a good deed. For others it could be that, they enjoyed themselves or nothing went wrong that day. Everything went according to the plan.
If you strive a little bit, you can make everyday perfect. It’s your day and no one has any right or authority to spoil it for you. How a day went depends on you and not your environment? It’s your attitude. Let me tell you about this friend of mine, a day he defined as perfect to me. He had tones of work and deadlines to meet. His boss is literally breathing down his neck. He’s had a rough day throughout, but in the evening he takes some time out to meet his girlfriend. They spend around 2 hrs in a coffee shop. After meeting her, he felt his day was perfect, he completely forgot about the tension at work.
I was amazed by his attitude. He’s had a rough day at work and hardly spend 2 hrs with his girl and the day is perfect. If I were in his position I would be like the day was so bad but the only time I felt good was when I met my partner, but I wouldn’t necessarily call the day perfect. His attitude got me into thinking, as to what is my definition of a perfect day. May be I need to redefine it.
It’s your outlook towards others and life in general that will give a definition of a perfect day for you. So next time you feel that your day wasn’t perfect, reflect on the day and your definition of a perfect day.

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