Feeling Stressed Out??? Go Shoe Shopping

A woman can never have enough pair of footwear. Unlike men we have footwear for every occasion. Men have like to a max of 3 pairs and they can pull that off for any function, any place or any time. Men will never understand our never ending need for another pair. They call us weird, wonder whether we have extra legs that they do not know of.
I read in an article that a women who’s stressed out should go shoe shopping, not necessarily that she has to buy a pair. She just have to try on one. It just makes her feel very dainty and feminine. For that few minutes she feels that her life is perfect. My personal favorite is to try on a pair of stilettos when I am stressed out or upset over something. I feel elevated and free of problems. For that few minutes when I walk around in the store I feel like a model walking down the ramp.
It is a much viable option than going clothes shopping. There is a possibility that an outfit might make the woman look too fat or too thin. Its back to stressing out for a completely different reason which will remind her of her earlier reason due to which she was stressed out.
A woman can never look fat or thin while trying on footwear. The worst case scenario would be that her size of the footwear will not be available. No problemo. Try on a different style. There is so much to choose from.
So next time you feel that you are burdened with work, your partner is irritating you or you just don’t have anything to do, just go try on a pair of shoes.

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