Memories of College…..

I took life for granted when I was in college. There were times when I wished for college to end. I guess there are lot of people who would have felt the same.
Now when I look back at the snaps taken during the college or remember the times spend in college, I wish I had enjoyed the days to the maximum. I wish my approach to life was live for the moment. I was too caught up with other things to enjoy the moment. I would be worried about thousand other things like Record submission, unit tests etc which look so mundane to my eyes now.
I have been working for two years and even I know I tell my colleagues anecdotes of college as if it had happened yesterday. I regret for the many things I could have done while I was in college but I do cherish the times that I enjoyed in college.
I still remember the first year of ragging where I used to be so scared of my seniors. The stupidest of things that were asked by seniors. Nowadays when I have a rough day in office or things are just getting to me I just look at my college life and just laugh at the funny stuff that has happened.
I can’t believe that a seminar that needs to be given to my own classmates would drive my sleep away. Now I give presentations to top level executives and I realize how I have grown up and how college has helped me gain my confidence. I can vouch for the fact that academically everything was self taught. The professors were for namesake. No offense to them. Come on, where were we in class to listen to their lecture??? They gave up hope long time back on us. Fridays were the days, where the professors themselves will ask the few who did bother turning up for lecture to bunk college. The only times I could remember when we had full strength in class were for university exams and even for that some idiots didn’t turn up.
I’m just glad that I have these wonderful memories of college, not look back and say ‘Ya whatever!!! College was so so’ There might be people who would have had more fun, but to me personally, no one can replace those moments in my life and whatever little or more fun I had, I enjoyed it thoroughly….

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