Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why I like ‘Geet’ from ‘Jab We Met’

I was never a big fan of Kareena Kapoor. I always thought she over acted and was very irritating to watch on the screen. One day I was so bored at home and my sister had got the CD of Jab We Met. I decided to watch it and quite frankly I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.
Kareena has done full justice to the character of Geet and no wonder she’s flooded with awards for this movie. I fell in love with the character Geet (not in a lesbian sort of way, this is an fyi for all the guys) . I really admire her outlook towards life. Enjoy every moment in your life. I particularly like a scene where she’s running away from home to get married to the guy of her choice along with Shahid Kapoor who is her friend (well at least at that point in the movie, he’s still her friend). She and Shahid are hiding in the terrace of her house, while her entire family is searching for them. Geet will console Shahid saying that ‘Don’t worry everything will be ok’. Shahid will look at her amazed. He’ll tell her ‘You are consoling me!! I could take the next flight back home and none of this will affect me’ and she’ll be like ‘Right now we are tensed about this situation but years from now we’ll look back at this day and laugh about it. We would probably never experience this situation ever again. So enjoy it while it lasts’
That scene was like an eye opener for me. Here is a girl who could get into so much of trouble is she’s caught and she’s consoling someone else who will not be affected by this situation at all. There have so many instances in my life where I was so tensed and stressed out and then later on when I think about it was not a big deal. A very good example is when I had to undergo ragging during my first year of college. After college hours, we would have to meet the seniors and we would be so scared because we have no idea what stupid things they’ll ask us to do. I used to hate those days and wonder when the ragging would get over. Now when I think about it, it was so funny and plus I have so many funny stories to tell my friends. If I had enjoyed those moments instead of being so scared, it would have been even more fun.
So I have taken up Geet’s attitude towards life and am enjoying every moment of it (well at least I try to). I have come to realize that we have only one life, enjoy as much as you can and don’t take it too seriously.

Monday, June 23, 2008

‘The Happening’ – Someone Please Strangle Me!!!

What was Manoj Night Shyamalan onto? I think he was smoking up weed and getting drunk at the same time when he wrote the script for ‘ The Happening’.
Plants are out to get us. Oooo.. I’m scared… Come on… Give me a break…
Other than Sixth Sense, I have not seen any of his other movies. Apparently I have been told that I am one of the few blessed for not going through the torture of watching his movies.
I went for this movie for free and I still felt it was a waste of money. I felt a part of me died while watching the movie. I had read reviews of the movie which mentioned that the movie is not even worth downloading from the net and watching it. I decided to keep an open mind while watching the movie.
I have been a die hard fan of Mark Walhberg since his Calvin Klein modeling days (Girls!! Just google it and check out the pics. Its smoking hot!! Sigh!!), so I was like he has done a couple of good movies and he wouldn’t do something stupid. Well I was proved completely wrong. I lost all respect for him after watching the movie. I had read an article of Mark Walhberg where he said that he cried while watching the movie. Now I know why??This was like one of his worst career moves. Now I feel he should have just stuck to underwear modeling. He was so much better. I so hate Manoj Shyamalan for this. I personally hold him responsible for making me loose respect for Mark.
I thought Sanjay Leela Bhansali was bad for making a crappy movie like ‘Saawariya’. He was on top of my list of ‘Movie Directors who should be shot on sight’. Well Manoj has replaced him. At least in Saawariya, there was Ranbir Kapoor nearly naked. In ‘The Happening’, Mark Walhberg does not even remove his shirt and there is no women skin show to satisfy the male species.
But I gotta give it to Manoj for writing this shitty piece of a story, at least for originality and for convincing people to produce the movie and getting someone like Mark to act in this movie. I wonder if we all will be blessed with another Manoj Night Shyamalan movie…..