High Heel Confidential

Recently I had seen a program on Discovery’s Travel and Living called High Heel Confidential. Well as the title goes it was all about High Heels. Yeah I thoroughly enjoyed it and just watching the program itself produced a lot of happy hormones. Equivalent to eating 2 bars of chocolate.
It was a very interesting show. To think that men also used to wear high heels. I think some of them still do(he he he). In fact they have been wearing it since the sixteenth century. Wearing heels was a sign of status and wealth since only the rich could afford it then.
The famous stilettos were introduced in the 1950s and there has been no stopping back. Women have been in love with high heels for years. There are books written on heels. This clearly shows women’s obsession to heels. Its equivalent to Man’s mean machine collection. Au contraire ours is dainty and beautiful.
It would be logical to think that women must be behind the creations of the Gucci’s, Prada’s and
Manolo Blahnik’s (made famous by the Sarah Jessica Parker and her gang from ‘Sex and the City’) It was surprising to find out that it’s men designing it. The only exception in that club was Jimmy Choo. Initially it was Jimmy designing the shoes but he concentrates on making the shoes and the designing bit is done by the co-owner of Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon.
Research has been done and still continues about women in heels and their obsession for another pair. Men can never seem to understand them. An interesting research study was done where 10 attractive women, out of which 5 were asked to wear heels and the other 5 had to wear flats. 5 men were asked to talk to the each group separately. The group that wore flats had a lot more conversation happening with the men. In the sense, that there was equivalent participation from both the man and the woman. The men were listening, rather than talking to the group that wore heels. The men were observing the women while listening to them talk. This is because once a woman wears heels, her body posture and language changes drastically. Her front and rear end tends to stick out a little bit more than normal and that gives her a sexy posture. Men just go gaga over it. They rather concentrate on looking at the woman than talking to her. So from this we conclude, if you want to have a full fledged conversation with your man, don’t wear heels , it will distract him. If you want him to get you that gorgeous Jimmy Choo, you saw the other day, wear your heels and tell him how much you have been wanting to have those shoes. He’ll gladly agree….

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