The day I Lost My Voice

I got up today morning to realize that I have lost my voice and sound like a frog. It was so freaky. I felt like Ariel, the little mermaid, when she lost her voice to Ursula except mine was replaced with a frog’s. I felt Ariel got a better deal. I mean it’s better not to have a voice rather than sounding like a frog.
The strangest bit was today out of all the days I felt like singing and I couldn’t. I’m taking a shower and I wanted to break out into a song and all that came out of my mouth were ‘Croak Croak Ribbit Ribbit’ :(
I was also going for the movie ‘Rock On’ which in between is a really superb movie. I wanted to sing along to all the songs. I couldn’t so I was doing a lip synch act. Lol.. I was not that bad. I should really go for stage shows. I could lip synch even better than the rock stars..
After the movie I went along with my friend to get her hair cut. The hair stylist, whose gender I still have not figured out yet, was advising me that I should quit smoking. I tried explaining to him/her that I don’t smoke and he/she was like ‘Darling, spare me’ I was like ‘Fine, I’ll quit smoking’ (Eyes rolling)
This is the first time I have lost my voice. At first I heard myself I was like ‘Hey, this could be my sexy husky voice’ but I got an input from a very reliable resource that I was so wrong. It only sounded sexy and husky in my head and to others I just sounded like Darth Vader.
My servant has given me a medicine she claims would cure my throat after a good night’s sleep. I personally feel she got me slightly drunk. She asked me to gulp down a very suspicious liquid which tasted like a vodka shot. It nearly got my throat burned which was so opposite of what it is supposed to do. So I might end up like Ariel, with no voice. But in Ariel’s case she fought the villain and got her voice back and lived with her prince forever. In my case it would be the story of the ‘Princess and the frog’ except it would be called the ‘Prince and the frog’

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