Religion and Blind Faith

There is so much of talk about religion and faith everywhere. India shows that it is truly secular with the attacks on churches, bombed temples and blasts at mosques. All in the name of religion and faith in the God almighty.
If everyone needs a tangible evidence in the concept of God I would suggest the Sun to take the place. It’s better than praying to human figures and animals. The sun plays a lot more role in our lives than any other figures. Come on what if the Sun decides not to rise or changes its path, then what will happen to everyone??
Every day I see my neighbor, an old man doing his Surya Namaskara (worship of the sun) in his balcony. It’s fascinating to see him to pray to the sun which ultimately is the one thing that is close to the God that all of us have chalked up and been fed to us from generations to generations. Even I look at the sun and realize how insignificant we all are compared to it. The world will go on with or without us but not without the sun. As we look into the past we realized that our ancestors used to pray to the Sun, which makes a lot of sense because it brings light into the world. I find it so ridiculous that people pray and look up to other human beings who has done a miracle which is nothing in comparison to the sun. I sometimes feel that people have taken the whole concept of religion and God a way too far. The religious institutions are making people believe something which is not there and people, even educated ones, blindly believe it. They say all your sins will be washed off if you donate cash to the institution, so in retrospect to say that a rich man can commit murder and his sins will be forgiven if he donates money. I mean isn’t this what they are propagating? Look at all the religious channels and all those preachers and swamis? People flocking up to them thinking that they are an extension of God and can do miracles. If that is what they claim to be then no one should ever be sick.
Blind faith fascinates me. How can people belief stuff without questioning it? I was brought up to believe that God is a nice person but (there’s always a but) he’ll punish you if you do something wrong. So at a young age I was made to love and fear God at the same time. As I grew up realized that it was so wrong. I’m not propagating that I’m an atheist. I do believe in the concept of God. I don’t believe in religion. I came across the following while browsing online.

‘I love God. It’s his fan club that makes me nervous.’

This is so true. I mean look at the religious fanatics out there. Even terrorists are an extension of this. I can’t believe that the same species can be so brilliant and dumb at the same time. I mean isn’t God the one who tells us to love thy neighbor. I never came across the part about bomb thy neighbor and get brownie points from me. It scares to see where we are heading and how this is going to affect the future generation.

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