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My tryst with Cyclone Nisha

This year Chennai was not so lucky in the yearly cyclone missing it and hitting poor Andhra Pradesh. The cyclone christened, Nisha decided to visit Chennai and Oh Boy!! It was not a pretty picture.
The roads got flooded, schools and colleges were given holidays, university exams got postponed and even IT companies gave leave. I assure you that I love the rain but rains in Chennai are horrible. The rain water stagnates and mixes up with the sewage water and I’m just stopping with that. You can imagine the rest.
I was returning from work and all the roads were flooded and it was raining heavily. Lots of people got stranded due to water entering the engines. The cab drops me near home and I need to walk to my apartment and there is water up nearly knee length. I had just read an article prior to leaving work that due to the heavy rains lots of snakes come out and I’m petrified of snakes. I need to wade through the water and the street lights were out too. I bravely ventured in the water an…