My tryst with Cyclone Nisha

This year Chennai was not so lucky in the yearly cyclone missing it and hitting poor Andhra Pradesh. The cyclone christened, Nisha decided to visit Chennai and Oh Boy!! It was not a pretty picture.
The roads got flooded, schools and colleges were given holidays, university exams got postponed and even IT companies gave leave. I assure you that I love the rain but rains in Chennai are horrible. The rain water stagnates and mixes up with the sewage water and I’m just stopping with that. You can imagine the rest.
I was returning from work and all the roads were flooded and it was raining heavily. Lots of people got stranded due to water entering the engines. The cab drops me near home and I need to walk to my apartment and there is water up nearly knee length. I had just read an article prior to leaving work that due to the heavy rains lots of snakes come out and I’m petrified of snakes. I need to wade through the water and the street lights were out too. I bravely ventured in the water and every time something touched my body, mostly a twig I would scream. I was shit scared about snakes slithering on my body. Finally a stranger who was forging through the same way, held my hand like I was a small child and guided me to my apartment. I felt like such a retard!!!
I thought I was done with Nisha. The company declared holiday the next day. I was going to my home town that day and needed to catch the train. Luckily it had stopped raining but there was stagnant water. I decided to walk on the side of the road with my luggage. I was wearing the most boring of salwars and didn’t bother much with my hair or face since I’m just going to the station. I was walking and the next thing I know my feet had sunk into sand. I thought I got stuck in a quick sand. I had the presence of mind to throw my luggage on to the nearby footpath. I’m stuck in sand up to my knee. I can’t take a step forward or backward. I was nearly in tears. Luckily two hot sexy Russians (which I found out later on) stopped their car. One guy held my waist and pulled me out. It was like something you see in the movies. The whole time I was thinking, ‘Why did I have to wear my boring salwar? Why couldn’t I have worn my short skirt? Why didn’t I put some make up on?’ it’s not every day that I have two sexy guys saving my life. I nearly shouted ‘My heroes!!’ I controlled myself and managed to mumble a thank you.
So in a way I need to thank cyclone Nisha for due to which I had two very very hot guys saving my life. It’s not like my life was in danger and if the hot sexy guys didn’t turn up I would die. In given time I would have dragged myself out. Who cares about all that? I was rescued by hot sexy Russians and one of whose names was Gustav. It was just like a scene out of mills and boon romance.…

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