Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love Quote.. Errr... Or Not....

My roomie, Leo the lioness, send across this quote to me and I found it hilarious.
Here it goes.
"Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...
You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.”

We were on the floor laughing and mind you both of us are getting married shortly. We are like 'Yeah!! We hate love!!' :D

I love this part the best: 'then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...'

The quote's by Neil Gaiman for people who are interested to know the author. :P
Do you have any such funny quotes.. Let me know..
I know I have a lot of silent lurkers reading my blog and I love to know what you guys think.
So go ahead, comment on my blog. I love to get feedback.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shoe Monster

PR gave me this superb cute card on our 7 year anniversary which was last month. The shoe monster is the cutest. Check out the eyes of the monster as well as her shoes. I thinks she’s wearing an awesome pair of shoes. More than that she’s pink and has got the most adorable smile.

PR also gave me this pillow with an elephant head. Our conversation was somewhere on these lines

ME: Hmmm…Ok!! Thanks for the elephant head pillow.
PR: No, it’s a Transformer pillow
ME: huh!!??!!??
PR: Give it to me (folds the pillow) and Voila!! It transforms into an elephant.
ME: OMG!! That’s the most adorable elephant like ever!! :)
PR: :D

Isn’t PR the most adorable thing on planet earth??

I have been meaning to put these pics up in my blog for a long time but unfortunately I don’t have a digital camera and mostly use the camera on my phone(which is not gr8 but doesn’t suck either!!) I have been telling PR that I want to get a camera so I can take pics and put it up in my blog and I had been eyeing a purple (my fav color!!) fuji film camera for some time.
Guess what?? PR got it for me the other day. Doesn’t the camera look awesome?

The camera is a Fujifilm fine pix z30 and comes in awesome colors ( purple, pink, green, orange, black & white). It is very sleek and has got internal zoom so unlike other cameras the lens will not stick out. It is a 10 Megapixel camera and has face detection, red eye removal and also has easy-to-use Blog mode (Yay! What more could I ask for??) It is a camera for the fashionista on-the-go.

So if any of you, especially women, is planning to buy a digicam, check this one out. This one is really worth it.

Christmas just came early this year!! I love you PR. MUAH!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

9 Feet High

PR, MB, Kay (Karthik, who will be called Kay in my blog, he was given an option to choose his pseudonym cuz this might be one of last few decisions he will be making in his life as he’s getting married :D ) and I decided to go to 9 Feet High, which is a bar cum restaurant, facing the Bay of Bengal, to celebrate Kay’s last days of freedom.

They came and picked me up at home and they were playing with Bread while waiting for me. I got hugged by all of them along with doggie drool. As we enter 9 Feet High, they were like ‘ We need to wash our hands as we played with Bread’ and I as usual never think before I speak blurted ‘Even I need to wash because I was touched by all of you’. That came out so wrong and the people around gave me weird looks and I will always be known as the The-Girl-Who-Was-Touched-By-All. :(

I’m a teetotaler and I know it’s difficult to believe that after reading my blog cuz most of the posts look like I wrote them when piss drunk. Well you are wrong. I’m quite sober when I write. I couldn’t even tolerate a Bacardi Breezer which has only 4% alcohol but now I can take few sips and not feel dizzy ( I know I should be ashamed, can’t even stomach a few sips of breezer! Well let’s put it this way, I got high on cough syrup – that’s a total different story , PR loves to tell this anecdote every time it comes up cuz I don’t remember anything and I’m dead sure he embellishes most of it. )

I’m a vegetarian till Christmas and these morons(in spiting of knowing) were ordering squid, chicken, beef, fish and everything else that moved whereas I had to satisfy myself with mashed potato & carrots (which was not even nice :( ). 9 Feet high has got an awesome location and view but the food sucks big time especially the veggie bit.

The conversations we had went from annoying parents especially moms to making balloons out of condoms. I don’t even remember how the topics hop skipped from one to another. It was good fun. I enjoyed even though I was shivering cuz of the cold wind.

I learned a new birthday song which MB sang to Kays on his birthday. It goes like this

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
May You have many girl friends
And may you have many boy friends
And may you swing both ways too!!
Happy Birthday to You!

The whole time MB kept touching Kays thigh for no particular reason. They want to get facials done together. Hmmm… I don’t know for whom I should be worried about. I think I better warn Kay’s fiancĂ© not to let MB & Kays to be left alone. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

31 Days to Get Hitched

I'm getting married exactly a month from now. I'm super hyperventilating. I don't know what I'm getting myself into. Shit! Shit! Shit! WTF am I doing?

These were not the words that I thought I would utter a month before the wedding when I decided to get married to PR. I was like, we have been seeing each other for 7 years, it won't be a big deal.

Oh boy!! Was I so wrong?? I'm a bridezilla from hell and PR is ignoring me like the plague. He must be currently hitting his head on a wall going 'What was I thinking'?
I'm a total control freak which neither of us realized till now and PR is like 'Can I take a rain check on the entire marriage thingy??' I need to be there for every decision that is being made related to this wedding.

To add to the entire drama is the fact that the wedding is happening in my hometown which is like 12 hours by train from where I currently stay. I'm shuttling between these two places every weekend, haven't had a decent night sleep for like ages and the fact that i have to work 5 days a week isn't making things easire for me. I so badly want to quit work, forget the wedding and go to the Himalayas and meditate or something. I'm seriously considering it. Anyone care to join me??

I also have my mom calling me at random time of the day asking me even more random questions regarding the wedding. Today she called me up and said 'Cathedral' even without a hello. I'm like 'huh!! Ma??' and she's like spell 'Cathedral' and we have an entire argument of whether it ends as 'el' or 'al', wherein between I'm trying to attend a meeting too. She calls up again and asks me for my blood group and I say A1+ and we have another argument on how there is no such blood group called A1+ (her argument) and I'm like there is.

To add to this is the fact that I apparently have a test before the wedding based on which the priest will allow me to get married. He said it will be simple questions like the sign of the cross, our father, hail mary and so on and so forth. He said I can recite the prayers in any language. I'm thinking Swahili just to get on his nerves. As if I dint have enough on my plate he had to add this to it.

I'm currently a very irritated, pestering and a very annoying bride to be. :(

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The day I lost and found my Cell Phone

I couldn’t find my phone the day before yesterday. The last time I made a call was to PR on my way back from work. I went to a couple of shops and went back to the Paying Guest (PG) where I stay.

I get this feeling of cleaning up my cupboard like once in a blue moon and I had decided to do that once I reached the PG. After 2 hours of that I got so sick of it and wanted to get the feeling of domestic duties out of my system , that I decided to call PR. I couldn’t find my phone. When I call up its ringing and no one’s picking up so I was a bit comforted by the fact that no one’s stolen it so far. And to add to the misery was the fact that I had put my phone on silent cuz I was attending a meeting earlier. I searched like everywhere and couldn’t find the damn thing. All the neatly folded (almost) clothes were all pulled out to search for it but nada, zilch I couldn’t find it.

I was pretty upset cuz it’s such a pain getting all the contact numbers and stuff. My roommates were on the other extreme. Our conversation goes something like this

RMs: Yahoo!! You have a perfectly good reason to buy a new phone
ME: But I just bought this phone couple of months back
RMs: So what?? You can buy a new one. Come let’s check out the latest ones
They open up a site which has all the latest models of cell phones of all brands possible
ME: I only like Nokia. I don’t want any other brand and I also have a price range. I want something below 5000 Rs or even within 2000 Rs range
RMs: Cheapskate!!
Pretending to ignore me they carry on browsing
RMs: What are the facilities that you want on your mobile?
ME: I will be perfectly happy with a black and white cell phone. I’m just going to use the phone to talk and text.
RMs: (Scandalized expression!!) Sonia, You have to keep a reputation if you want to be our friend and the basic necessity is a color phone which looks super cool.
ME: :(

PR has two phones and he gave me his BlackBerry(BB) temporarily. I have never used a BB before so PR had to give me a quick tutoring on that. The BB is a mammoth giant of a phone. I don’t know how people carry that around. A part of me was like I’d rather be without a phone than carry this brick.

To add to the shithole that I was already in, I had to go book train tickets to go to my hometown so I woke up really early around 5AM to go to the station. I took an auto rickshaw (which is a 3 wheel vehicle used as a taxi in India. Brangelina were so fascinated by it that they took a ride in it when they came to India which led to a media frenzy and caused traffic jam!! :D).

Yeah well coming back to my story, so I had to take out cash so I ask the auto driver to stop at a nearby ATM. I type in all my credentials and the amount I want but nothing happens. The card is in the atm and I have no cash, neither a phone to complain about the stupid card stuck in the atm. I look up and go ‘What the F#%& dude? This is not funny. I am sure you are enjoying yourself seeing me squirm in this misery’. Mind you I’m shouting at the top of my lungs and the auto driver is peering in from the outside wondering who the hell I’m talking to. He had this look of Oh-MY-Gawd-I’m-taking-a-crazy-talking-to-herself-loony-lady and wondering what he got himself into.

After pressing, hitting and kicking the atm machine for almost 5 minutes, I gave up hope and was stepping out when all of a sudden, the atm machine spits out my precious card. I had the look as if the Kohinoor diamond was spat out by the atm. :)

Finally I found my mobile in my landlady’s handbag. How that got in there is a total different blog post all together.

Two things I learned from this fiasco are

  • BBs suck!! I’m never ever getting them
  • Next time if I get the domestic duty feeling I should squish and never let it overtake me

Monday, November 23, 2009

La Boulangerie

Today is my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mama!! :)
I decided to get her a handbag as she loves them. I had my biatches, PR & MB, to give their opinions and they are really good at it. I’m definitely taking them for my next shoe shopping spree.

After our fun time of handbag shopping we were quite hungry. There was a new French bakery, La Boulangerie, opened up nearby and they have the most awesome croissants, breads and pastries. I want to live in France just to have their breads. Its mouth watering.

Here goes our conversation

Me: Let’s go to La Boulangerie to have their croissants
MB: La Boula.. what??
PR: MB, say Lingerie
MB: Lingerie
PR: Now add BOO in front of it and say BooLingerie.
MB: Boolingerie :D What do they have?
ME: They have pastries, pepitos, croissants etc..
PR: And edible underwear
MB: Edible underwear. Nice!! But whose?
PR: Bill’s
ME: They don’t serve edible underwear. Who the hell is Bill?
PR: Bill as in edi-Bill underwear.
ME: :P

Finally after all that discussion we didn’t even go. Instead we had awesome donuts. So I’m quite happy.

Friday, November 20, 2009

How To Talk To A Widower

I know the title might sound quirky but this book is easily one of the funniest that I have read.

I don’t remember the last time I laughed out loud while reading a book. Any book than can do that gets two thumbs up. I have not even finished reading this book (got another 100 pages to go) but I had to tell all of you about it.

The story revolves around Doug Parker, a young widower who is the object of sympathy, curiosity and desire of the people in his town. It’s been a year since his wife passed away and he’s still in mourning. Enter his twin sister, Claire, who is determined to get Doug back into the dating scene.

There are some really funny scenes in the book like when Doug & his stepson, Russ, go to have dinner with his eccentric parents, or when Dough meets his wife’s ex-husband for the first time. The most hilarious one so far is the one when Russ posts some videos of his step mom on the internet and his dad wants to beat his shit out and how Doug gets involved and it ends up in a fist fight. I had tears in my eyes while laughing my guts out.

This is similar to a chick lit like Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series (which I love) but it’s written by a guy named Jonathan Tropper. He has written other books too so I’m definitely checking those out once I’m done with this one.

This book is a keeper. So go grab your copy of Jonathan Tropper’s ‘ How to talk to a Widower’.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Team Edward

Yeah So like the entire world is gona watch New Moon tomorrow, I’m going to sit and twiddle my thumbs and wait for stupid Dec 4th to come.

I’m so pissed off and wana badly meet the genius who came up with the concept of releasing Twilight on the day of New Moon’s release. I want to pat him on his back and while I’m at it push him down some god forsaken ravine or something.

Ok Be Calm Sonia. Breathe in. Breathe Out.

I’m so upset. A part of me is itching to just take a flight to the nearest country that’s playing New Moon.

I’m gona satisfy myself by staring at the following pictures of RPatzz and make myself feel better.

Yum is what I have to say.
I'm definitley part of Team Edward which by now all of you would have figured out.

Do check out Tia’s letter to RPatzz at Clever Girl Goes Blog. It’s hilarious.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ajab Prem Ki.. & The Vampire Diaries

Madam Butterfly or MB, PR and I had gone for Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani. By now you would know that the choice of the movie was mine. My selling point was ‘Katrina Kaif! You guys can drool over her’. They were like ‘Is she naked in the movie?’ I was like ‘No!! but I’ll get you caramel popcorn’ and they agreed. I have strange friends one of whom I’m marrying!! Hmmm….
It was a candy floss movie. You have to leave your brain outside before entering the theatre. We entered half an hour late and I gave them so much of heat for it but honestly we didn’t miss much and wouldn’t have even if we entered 1 hour later.
To make up for the lost time, I was forced to accompany them to the nearby gaming arcade Blur, where they played mindless shooting and car games. I was in fact a passenger for MB while he drove a hummer. It was crazy.
It was raining heavily over the weekend and we couldn’t go out and PR was forced to watch the Vampire Diaries with me.

I have been wanting to watch the series for quite some time and finally got around it. The gist of the story: A high school girl torn between two vampire brothers – the good guy & the baddie.

The good guy aka Hero, Stefan (I like the name) Salvatore is blah according to me. I know many of you won’t agree with me but he is not my type. He looks so boring and stoned and I was so disappointed with the show till the baddie entered the picture. The bad guy, Damon Salvatore, is Oh-MY-God-I- Can’t-Breathe-HOT. PR literally had to remind me to breathe because of my drooling. That guy has got a cool voice, awesome hair and looks yummy. Anybody want to give him as an early Christmas gift for me!! I promise to worship and praise you for the rest of my life. Anyone?? For once PR actually liked the show (though he’ll never admit that in person and is gona kill me cuz I just told all of you.) In his defense, he likes it cuz the girl is hot and so much better than the barely alive one in Twilight – Bella Swan.

So all you girls go watch the show for the bad guy.. He's worth it

Its like watching How I met your Mother just for Barney Stinson.

In Barney's words this show is Legen-wait-for-it -dary!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Moon Release in India

I have really bad news for Twihards* in India. New Moon is releasing only on December 4th. It sucks big time. We have to wait 2 whole weeks to watch the movie whereas the rest of the world would have watched it twice. Ugh!!

Twilight was never released in India so they are releasing it on 20th November. How lame!! They could have released much earlier and New Moon on 20th.

I was so looking forward to watching the movie and been bugging PR to take me for it.

I’m going to see the positive of this bad news.
  • Never saw Twilight in the theatre so it would be awesome to watch the movie in big screen.

  • It would be nice to recollect what happened in the first movie before watching the sequel. (Forget the fact that I have the movie on my laptop and have already watched it countless number of times)

  • It will be super to see Edward on the big screen whichever movie it is.

So my countdown for New moon is going to be 24 days(Its practically a month. Sigh!!) but for Edward its just 9 more days. Yipee!!

This is the 50th post for my blog and what better topic than Twilight. So Happy Half Century to my blog!! Yeah!!

I decided to change my template to celebrate the golden jubilee of my blog. I found this awesome template. Loved the color!! What you guys think of it?? love it or hate it??

*Fans of Twilight are called Twihards. PR thinks Twits is more apt. Yeah Whatever!! :P

Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Award!!

I have just received my very first blog award from Avery. Thanks a lot girl. Muah!!

Do check her out at You Don't Know Me
The rule is that I'm suppose to award this to 15 other awesome bloggers. So here goes my list

I have enjoyed each and every one of your blogs. Keep on writing girls !!

10 Things That are my Current Favorites

A Cup of Coffee
I’m a coffee-holic!! A cup of coffee can instantly brighten me up. I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Most of you would know that i'm borderline fanatical about shoes. Check out the above picture. The shoes are actually made out of chocolate, which brings to my next fav thing – Chocolates

Maltesers Chocolate
These are out of this world!! My roommate got an entire tub. It was Yum!! It doesn’t help that I’m desperately trying to loose weight before the wedding

The Color Purple

I have been crazy about the color purple ever since I found out that my birth stone is Amethyst which is purple in color. In fact my wedding theme itself is purple and white. Yay!! I’m so excited.

My Boy - PR

He’s my all time favorite. :)

Victoria’s Secret Sweet Daydream Body Mist

My dad got this for me when we went to Singapore. It’s awesome smelling and dreamy. I love you Papa!!

The Rain

It has been raining for the past two days and for a place where it’s been scorching hot for the last 10 months, this is a welcome relief.

Swatch Watch

PR surprised me with this splendid watch couple of months back. Isn’t he the sweetest!!!!

Maybelline Shiny-Licious Gloss

They smell awesome and come in these funky flavors. I have Banana Pudding and Cinnamon Apple. Love the way they name them.
I think they are the most adorable things. PR & I want to get a dog after we get married. When we are driving around and if we see someone walking a dog, we stop over and pet the adorable darlings.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2 Days in Paris

I was told to watch this movie if I have nothing better to do by a friend.
So the other day, I didn’t have anything better to do and watched this movie and I really enjoyed it.
This movie has Julie Delpy who wrote, produced, directed and acted in it (Boy! Isn’t she talented) and Adam Goldberg.
The story is about a couple, Jack and Marion who is French, who live in New York and they take a trip to Venice and stop on the way back in Paris to pick up Marion’s cat from her parents. The movie concentrates on the 2 days that they spend in Paris and how Jack sees and discovers a different side of Marion and her family.
When you read the title, you would think it would be this romantic movie set in Paris with the Eiffel tower in the background. At least I did and I was so wrong. It talks about infidelity and culture difference and how it can affect the relationship. It has its hilarious moments. I always thought French was a romantic language but after seeing this movie it doesn’t sound so romantic anymore.
Marion’s parents (who are Julie Delpy’s real life parents) steal the show. I found them disturbing and hilarious at the same time.
One thing that struck a chord is when Marion says that when you want be in the moment and enjoy it, people are too busy photographing the moment and spoiling it. This is in reference to a gondola ride in Venice that they take and Jack was too busy photographing to enjoy the romantic ride together.
There are times when you want to enjoy the moment but people are like ‘Flock up! Let’s take a pic’.
I so hate that.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jesus Toast Anyone??

I saw this picture and had to share it with all of you.

I don’t think this is what Jesus meant when he said that the bread be converted to his body.
What would be the ad caption for this be?
‘Have Jesus for breakfast!! ‘
The church is going to be upset cuz till now only they had authority to convert the bread into Jesus’s body.

I also did a lil bit of scouting on the net and found that they have a Darth Vader toaster too.

It looks a little burned though but I guess all the Star War fans wouldn’t mind a burnt toast especially if it’s the bad ass dude that they are chewing up. :P

For all the girls out there, don’t feel bad they have a Hello Kitty toaster too.
I don’t know what to say about the people who came up with this idea. Innovative or Jobless?

So if you had a choice, whose face would you want on your toast?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Traffic Signal

PR has this weird thing with traffic signals. He absolutely hates them. I can understand its annoying to get caught at a traffic signal, but I think he’s seriously got issues.
He would rather take a detour and go the longer route to reach his destination, so that he can miss the ‘wretched’ signals. Yesterday he was dropping me back home and I was navigating him through a new route and we got stuck in a signal. If looks could kill, I would have been dead. The timer showed 60 seconds which was not good for me at all. We were stuck in the signal for ONE whole minute. He was nearly fuming and was telling me how the signal was mocking us. One minute of his life has been wasted on the damned signal.
I found his frustration hilarious, which didn’t help either. I was trying so hard not to laugh. He’s the cool and calm one in our relationship and I’m the one who’s hyperventilating. It was cute to see him like that. Obviously once he reads this, he’s going to completely deny this and say that he was doing it to make me laugh.

Image Source

Papa I'm Lost!

I came across these cute snaps of my brother when he was a kid and thought of writing about his various lil adventures as a kid.
He’s gotten lost many times and I would like to recount the few that were hilarious.

Safa Park – Dubai
A whole bunch of us had gone to Safa Park(a huge widespread park) for a picnic. As usual all the kids were playing ball, the parents were all sitting around & chatting and the remaining few who didn’t belong to either category and wished they were somewhere else.
My brother, Stevan (2 years old) was along with the children, trying to get the attention of the bigger kids to include him in the gang. After some time my dad gets a call on his cell phone from an unknown number. He picks up and my bro was like ‘Papa, I’m lost’. Keep in mind, this is a 2 year old to whom my dad had told his mobile number once , a long time ago. Till the point Stevan called, we didn’t know he was lost. He started describing things around him, like people playing cricket, having a bonfire. My dad followed his directions and found him with a bunch of people around him. Steve went to an Arab who had come for a picnic with his wives(Yup! You read it right ‘WIVES’) and kids (which was a small battalion) and they were so amazed by this small kid who approached them , asked to use their phone to give directions to his dad.

Al Nazr Leisureland – Dubai
We had gone for a concert and Steve got lost. Mom thought he was with me, I thought he was with dad and so on. How are we suppose to find a kid in a stadium full of people and its completely dark too. We were searching for him for almost an hour. Mom started hyperventilating and it was becoming crazy. We started announcing his name but obviously a very inquisitive kid aint gona listen to an announcement. There were food stalls outside of the stadium and this kid was in the Lipton Tea stall with a cup of water and tea bags. He was having the time of his life, quite fascinated by the change in color of water when he dips the tea bags.

Carrefour, City Centre – Dubai
My mom had gone with Steve, her brother and sis-in-law for shopping in Carrefour. This kid managed to go missing in a huge shopping mall. My mom, for some weird reason called up home to find out whether Steve was there. A 2 year old walked miles from a shopping centre to home – clearly my mom was really panicking and didn’t know what she was saying. They searched for more than an hour and found the kid where all the shopping carts were lined up. My bro was going through a phase where he was fascinated by wheels, be it on anything. Carrefour had lined up a lot of shopping carts in one corner and my bro was busy rolling the wheels on each and every shopping cart. By the time he was found, he was almost half way through the entire lot.

Now he’s all grown up and is bigger than me. So he might not like the fact that I wrote about his childhood anecdotes. Currently I’m miles away from him and he can’t box me so I’m safe for the time being.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pre-Marital Counselling

You heard me right!! PR and I had to attend pre-marital counseling classes if we had to get married in a church.
We had people who have no experience in marriage telling us how to live a successful and happy marriage. To add to the misery was that the entire thing was for 3 whole days and that too on weekends. The only high point in a week were weekends and they took that away from me.
People have been asking me to recount my experience in the so called counseling classes but it was so traumatic and painful that I have actually blocked it out of my head.
PR incidentally has written not one but three posts on this topic. Do check it out.
I hope that I never have to go through this again. Next time I’m getting a register marriage!!
Did I just say next time? Why would I do that? I will have a live in relationship.
OMG!! I’m just making things worse for myself. I might not even have a wedding once PR reads this.

To think that I went for those stupid classes for nothing!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boyzone - A Different Beat

I was a huge huge fan of Boyzone during my teens. It was such a shock to hear that one of the boys, Stephen Gately, passed away. I mean I grew up on their music. They were a huge part of my friends & my life during our crazy teenage days. We would talk about them and collect pictures and posters of theirs endlessly. My room was filled with their posters which incidentally my mom has kept safely to remind me of those days.I All of us wanted to marry Ronan Keating and the other half wanted to marry Stephen and beget their children. I still remember in Oct 1999 when they came to Dubai to perform. We were all begging our parents to take us for the concert. After a lot of pleading and vouching to do a lot more housework and getting good grades my dad finally agreed. The entire stadium was filled with hormone crazed girls. A group of us were together with my dad and another grown up as our chaperon. The whole time we were screaming and singing along while my dad was sitting in one corner falling off to sleep. That night was one of the best nights ever.In a press conference someone had asked them, 'Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?' and Stephen responded 'Hopefully performing a concert in Dubai.'
It’s been 10 years now since I attended that concert. Life literally zoomed by in these years. I grew up, got over Boyzone, they broke up and got back in 2007. I have been so busy that I didn’t stop to smell the flowers. I have gone back and dug up my old boyzone collection and been listening to them. I still like their music!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Keyboard Mayhem

I re-enter my place of doom (aka work station) after a long weekend, switch on my system and tried to log in. I couldn't and I was secretly pleased that God finally answered my prayers but another part of me was like 'Is this their way of telling me ? You no longer work here!!'
I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del keys but the damn authentication box wouldn't turn up. The tech people sit like a 100 meters away from my cubicle but as per company rules I can't approach them directly, I need to call up the call centre which is half way across the world, tell them my problem and they would call the tech people and inform them of my issues. Is it just me or is that a more complicated procedure?
Anyways it's almost an hour of non-productive work. I'm just sitting at my place and staring at a blank screen. The tech dude takes his own sweet time and turns up eventually. I ranted on and on about how much my work has been affected and made it quite clear to him that the company would collapse since I couldn't work for the past one hour. He presses the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys and voila it works. He gives me a look as if I am mentally deranged. I felt so stupid and mumbled an apology.
A week later again, I faced the same issue. Like a maniac I kept pressing the buttons again and again and finally the screen popped up. While I was working, I realized some of the keys were not working properly, like the Del key and other keys too. I couldn't work on my so called important document. This time I just approached the dude directly and informed him about my issue. He said he'll come and look it. I was prepared this time and had a novel with me. I spend an hour and a half reading before he eventually turned up. He came with a brand new keyboard. I was like 'Finally some improvement'.
This time the dude calls up the call centre to inform them about my issue and that took like forever due to his Indian accent mainly. It was hilarious to listen to. He keeps the phone down and informs me that he will replace my keyboard in two days time and till then I have to use the same keyboard. I was like 'You gotta be kidding me!! How the hell am I suppose to work?' He's like it will take 2 days to process the request. He has a brand new keyboard with him. It's not like he has to go to a shop and buy it.
After a lot of talking and pleading from my end, he got me another keyboard and guess what?? The arrow keys don't work on this one. He just replaced mine with another dysfunctional one :(

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bubbly Lux

I met Lakshmi (lux) at work when we both were starting out in our careers. She and I hit it off instantly. We had the same wavelength of thoughts and liked similar things which included boys, clothes, perfumes, make up, shopping... The list is never ending.
She and I were called SME’s (Subject Matter Expert) in all topics that were of adult content. :) We had an answer or an opinion for all topics related to this.

Now she’s married and moved to Sin city – Las Vegas. It was like she was meant to be there and all forces of nature just pulled her in. She’s a diva in dual roles – ideal house wife in the day and Las Vegas show girl in the night!! Oopsie Lux.. I just slipped out our well kept secret. (Wink!! Wink!!)

Today being her birthday, I dedicate this post to her. Hope you have a great day and have a romantic candle light dinner with hubbie.

Below I’m going to describe one of our escapades during Diwali of 2007. This was way before I started blogging and I had send out an email on our lil adventure to our friends.

This ones to you girl!!

This is about my wonderful day with Lakshmi…

It was a beautiful Friday.. It was the day of diwali.. yeaaa.. and we thought we’ll go for a movie..
So on Wednesday we booked tickets for the movie Saawariya ( cuz we didn’t get tickets for Om Shanti Om, atleast when we checked, it was not available but later on we did get tickets but that’s like a different story altogether). There were 2 tickets available for the front row. It was 120 bucks each… :(
The movie was at 8:30 AM. 8:30AM??? come on I don’t even get up that early to go for work…
I decided to stay over at Lux’s place(Laksmi, jus in case u guys get confused at to who Lux is now).
So technically we had to get up at 7:30AM to get ready and go for the movie and plus Lux’s place is quite far from the theatre… We had to take two share autos and then an auto to reach the bloody theatre.

We reach the theatre and we wanted to have coffee/tea since we slept late the previous night ( And No we didn’t do anything kinky :P for some ppl who hoped we would do stuff and take snaps of it or even better video :P..i am not mentioning any names cuz they know who they are…)
FYI we were watching Coupling ( which is a Brit comedy, by da way u all should watch it(in case u have not).. its really hilarious).
So like we wanted something to drink and they didn’t have coffee or tea.. Come on they screen the movie so early and not serve hot drinks!!! Whatever…..
We enter the theatre to realize somebody else is sitting in our seats.. We were like ‘Shit! did we come for the wrong show?’
Finally after a lot of confusion we got the seats and yes we had come for the right show.. :)
And the movie starts.. Ranbir Kapoor looks nice.. would have looked even better if he had his dad’s face and not mom’s..wat to do..
Sonam Kapoor looks ok..It would have been nice if she got her mom’s face and not dad’s. The whole time I felt like I was watching Anil Kapoor dressed up as a woman. though less hairy..he he he.. Anyways we were wondering how she managed to lose 30 or 50 kgs for the movie.. Even we want to.. hmmm.. that’s like a never ending fight with our body…
Rani Mukerjee looks like a total slut.. specially with her over gawdy weird red nail polish.. which was like in your face.. especially for us since we were sitting in the first row..

The movie goes on and on.. very very slow.. at this point I had yawned probably countless number of times.. thankfully didn’t nod off..
I was wide awake for the Ranbir Kapoor nude show.. Stupid censor board had to cut off the entire nude scene.. if that was there I would given this movie 5 out of 5. I mean the guy has got an awesome body.. we got a peak of his bum(nice… :) ).. wouldn’t mind to see how his package looks like.. Hey not all women are seeda saada as they pretend to be…Just like how men like to see naked women.. Women also.. We have needs to…

Salman Khan was so so.. the movie jus drags on and on and on.. we were like, ‘hopefully Om Shanti Om would be better’…
We knew the movie was an adaptation of the White Nights. But I have a feeling that Sanjay Leela Bhansali never read the entire book.. probably fell asleep halfway through it..
I mean the bloody movie didn’t have an ending. It just stopped in between.
I mean guys,..Sanjay Leela Bhansali should be shot on sight… Sony pictures must be regretting producing the damn movie..

Ya so we come out of the theatre so pissed off.. We needed to cheer up…And no we didn’t decide to make out… he he he though that would have made some ppl happy (eyes rolling)..
We decided to get a haircut.. so below are the pics of Lux and I after our haircut..
We look gorgeous.. Ya We are not at all insecure.. We don’t need other ppl telling us that we look good. :P We know it…
So enjoy..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Shoes.... Glorious Shoes...

PR got me new footwear this weekend. And girls its just awesome.. I didn't own a pair of red heels and he just added that to the list.

Don't they look sexy!!! I'm so in love with them

Now you know why I'm marrying him. :)

Since I was doing a post on shoes, I thought of sharing some of my favorite pairs.

These sexy purple pumps were given to me by Nina, Sriks (Madam Butterfly) and Karthik. Nina girl.. these shoes are so pretty. I LOVE them.. Thank you so much you guys...

Don't they look so cute together... Sigh!!!

These are my favorite pair of black heels. I got them from Bombay. I still remember the first time I wore them, felt like a million bucks but after some time my feet were slowly killing me.
To get some relief, I would
remove the heels and stand one
foot on PR's foot and the other on Karthik's. You guys were my knights in shining armor!!

These lavender ones were picked up in Bangalore. I loved the color and had to pick it up. They looked so cute and elegant.
Its got a see through material in between, makes me feel like Cinderella, wearing glass slippers except in super cute lavender. :)

Silver stilettos were a steal.
I got them for 50% off. I got it for Rs 300( $6). I couldn't believe my eyes. Then again I was so broke and contemplating whether to buy them. PR was like if you don't pick them, i'm going to get them and gift it to some hot girl. And he can get.... You can imagine the rest of the story...

These are my favorite pairs of footwear for the time being. That does not mean it ends with this. There are so many more shoes out there just for me. I read in a magazine that a Jimmy Choo store has opened up in Chennai, but the brilliant people conveniently forgot to mention the address. My current wish is to try on a pair of Jimmy Choo.. I'm not asking for much. Am I??