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7 Things about Twilight That You Didn’t Know

·A fan of Twilight is called a Twihard·The concept of Twilight came to Stephanie Meyer in a dream. ·Stephanie had started writing a parallel book to the first book called Midnight Sun, telling the story from Edward's perspective. It was scrapped due to leakage of the chapters on the internet·Stephanie Meyer wanted Henry Cavillto play Edward and Emily Browning to play Bella in the movie·Stephanie Meyer had a cameo in the movie. In the scene of the Forks diner, she can be seen sitting with a laptop and ordering a sandwich.·Restaurants in the town of Forks offer twilight theme based food. There is a 'Bella Burger' and Subway has a sandwich called 'Twilight Special'.·There are tones of Twilight merchandise available including a Bella bracelet which she wears in the third book and a T-Shirt that reads 'Edward is a VILF'.I hope all the Twihards enjoyed this post. I really couldn't think of any topic to write. I was reading an article related to Twilight and t…

Mocha Mojo – A Customer Review

To give competition to the existing coffee shops in Indira Nagar, Adyar (Coffee Day, Java Green), Mocha Mojo has turned up. Their location is very central and perfect.
The interiors of the place has been designed in a very funky manner. Thankfully there are no toilet and bedroom themed seating like the one in the Nungambakkam branch. I personally thought the Mocha in Nungambakkam was very tacky and harem like. Mocha Mojo in Adyar has been tastefully designed. They have gone for a very 70’s retro look, from the menu cards to the music they play. They have a non- smoking (downstairs) and smoking (upstairs) section thankfully. They serve hookah also.
Let’s come to the interesting bit – food. They serve salads, bagels, sandwiches, pasta, maggi noodles.. They serve maggi noodles with different sauces – Cheese & Garlic, BBQ, Tibetan and so on. I tried the Cheese & Garlic maggi noodle and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is very bland and creamy.In one word - Continental. So if you are lookin…

17 Again

I initially wanted to watch this movie becuz Mathew Perry was acting in it. I thought Zach Efron was so not cool and too girly according to me. I have not even watched the High School Musical series. I saw the promos and thought it was too kiddish.

So I started watching the movie with these preconceived notions about Zach. I actually liked the movie. Mathew as usual was superb but I was kinda surprised that he agreed to do this movie since he had just a couple of minutes in the movie.

Zach Efron has played his role really well. He got hit, slapped and got his balls whacked in this movie. :P The part where his daughther wants to make out with him was quite funny. For people who have not watched this movie, the previous sentence is gona sound so weird. It was quite funny...
Zach actually is cute. I really wish he could just get his hair cut.
I think Robert Pattinson looks way better with floppy hair than Zach.
Sigh!! Robert Pattinson. What an eye candy!! Yum!! Oopsie.. Getting side tracked…

Meet Bread!!

I would like all of you to meet Bread, the so called watchdog of our apartment. :P
Those of you who have met him know that he is so not. He is the most cutest and the most adorable thing in our building. I think i come next after him in that list.

The so called called owners of Bread, the 2nd floor ppl got him as a pup and named him Bread. Why Bread?? God only knows. I guess they were hungry when they named him. I have no idea what his breed is but have a strong suspicion that he's a stray.
He's a spoiled brat. I mean 90% of the population in our building are women and he's the most sought after male here. He lives a king's life. He lazes around the entire day and acts all cute when one of us turn up to play with him.
Except for PR. PR's legs were Bread's humping machine. Bread used to stretch and get ready when PR turned up and go at it on his legs like crazy. PR is so gona hate me for writing this.
PR was saved after a few months cuz they finally got Bread neutur…

Case of Monday Blues with a Side Order of LOOSERS

We all go through our case of Monday Blues… Have a superb weekend and then dread coming to work. If you don’t like the work, then it just becomes even worse..
Currently I absolutely have no work assigned to me. I have to literally search for work or sit and twiddle my thumbs till someone gives me work. So you can figure out why I’m writing this post. :P
Add to this misery is my peeping team mate. Her eyes are like forever on my screen like right now. STOP LOOKING AT MY SCREEN YOU WEIRDO!!! I really wish she sees this and gets the hint. Unfortunately she’s so dumb that even this wouldn’t get her the idea. Every time I type something, she’ll immediately turn her head to see my screen.
I changed the position of my screen so that she can’t see it directly, now she just stretches her neck and peers in. She listens in all my conversations. I can’t talk to PR privately without her listening and asking me questions later regarding the conversation. WTF!!
PR thinks I’m too chicken to confront…

The Proposal

I sometimes don’t understand how some guys think. It is so weird. I had this guy at work who proposed (literally) through instant messenger. It was to surreal to be true. It took me some time to digest what I was reading. So our chat conversation goes something like this.
Dude: Hi Sonia
Me: Hi
Dude: I like to meet you. I need to talk to you. It’s important. I think it would be better if we meet at Coffee day. Just let me know when shall we meet. Please don’t hesitate.
Me: may i know the reason please?
Dude: it’s something personal which I can’t just say in jabber. I think it will not be fair if I talk about that in communicator.
Me: see I'm not comfortable meeting you in coffee day.
Dude: ok its ur choice
Me: it would be better you tell me what the reason is
Me: now on communicator
Dude: Okay its an proposal
Me: proposal about what?
Dude: Okay I will come to point directly
Dude: But dont be tensed. be relaxed. Its upto u decide. I will not compel u in any manner.
Dude: I love you ( Right!! Fat …

Twilight… Edward Cullen…

I was a late bloomer to the entire Twilight saga frenzy. I happened to watch the ‘MTV Movie Awards’ on VH1 where this movie happened to win ‘Best fight’, ‘Best Actor’, ‘Best Kiss’ and so on. The hormone crazed teenage girls were screaming their head off.
I happened to mention Twilight to my roommate and she’s like ‘You haven’t read the books. They are really nice.’ I was determined to read the books. I went to the library and my librarian was like the book is in waiting list, lot of people want to read the book. I was persistent and went back the next day. He takes out the book from under the counter, removes the bookmark and gives the book. He was reading the book.!!! WTF!!
To my surprise, I enjoyed the book. While I was reading, I asked my fiancé, Prithvi, from now on known as PR, to download the movie. I was in love with Edward. Sigh!! I finally watched the movie, though it didn’t live up to the book, it was good. Robert Pattinson was perfect for the role of Edward.
I was telling PR t…