17 Again

I initially wanted to watch this movie becuz Mathew Perry was acting in it. I thought Zach Efron was so not cool and too girly according to me. I have not even watched the High School Musical series. I saw the promos and thought it was too kiddish.

So I started watching the movie with these preconceived notions about Zach. I actually liked the movie. Mathew as usual was superb but I was kinda surprised that he agreed to do this movie since he had just a couple of minutes in the movie.

Zach Efron has played his role really well. He got hit, slapped and got his balls whacked in this movie. :P The part where his daughther wants to make out with him was quite funny. For people who have not watched this movie, the previous sentence is gona sound so weird. It was quite funny...
Zach actually is cute. I really wish he could just get his hair cut.

I think Robert Pattinson looks way better with floppy hair than Zach.
Sigh!! Robert Pattinson. What an eye candy!! Yum!! Oopsie.. Getting side tracked...

While wathcing this movie I kind of realised that I have grown up and am no longer a teen. The people I had a crush on when i was a teen have also become old (Mathew Sigh!! ) I so wish I could become a teen. The teen infactuation and crushes were so much of fun.
I mean at heart, I still feel I am a 13 year old. PR thinks at times I behave like a 7 year old. :P

All in all the movie is quite a funny one. Its definitely an afternoon watch with girl friends.

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