7 Things about Twilight That You Didn’t Know

· A fan of Twilight is called a Twihard

· The concept of Twilight came to Stephanie Meyer in a dream.

· Stephanie had started writing a parallel book to the first book called Midnight Sun, telling the story from Edward's perspective. It was scrapped due to leakage of the chapters on the internet

· Stephanie Meyer wanted Henry Cavill to play Edward and Emily Browning to play Bella in the movie

· Stephanie Meyer had a cameo in the movie. In the scene of the Forks diner, she can be seen sitting with a laptop and ordering a sandwich.

· Restaurants in the town of Forks offer twilight theme based food. There is a 'Bella Burger' and Subway has a sandwich called 'Twilight Special'.

· There are tones of Twilight merchandise available including a Bella bracelet which she wears in the third book and a T-Shirt that reads 'Edward is a VILF'.

I hope all the Twihards enjoyed this post. I really couldn't think of any topic to write. I was reading an article related to Twilight and thought 'Why not write a post with some trivia about Twilight?'.

Honestly speaking, I think the first book was the best. The other books were very so so. I didn't even bother reading the fourth book cuz the book was huge and Stephanie just dragged the book on and on. I just waited for my roomie to finish the book and got a summary. It took her almost a month to finish the book and she was able to tell me the entire gist of the story in a matter of minutes.

PR would rather stare at a wall than read a book. I told him the story of the remaining three books, which he did not ask for, but was forced to listen. He was like 'OMG! She could have so finished the story in one book. What a waste of time, energy and paper?' He so hates Stephanie Meyer cuz of her now he has sit through 3 more movies of Twilight and he thinks he would not last through till the end.

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