Case of Monday Blues with a Side Order of LOOSERS

We all go through our case of Monday Blues… Have a superb weekend and then dread coming to work. If you don’t like the work, then it just becomes even worse..
Currently I absolutely have no work assigned to me. I have to literally search for work or sit and twiddle my thumbs till someone gives me work. So you can figure out why I’m writing this post. :P
Add to this misery is my peeping team mate. Her eyes are like forever on my screen like right now. STOP LOOKING AT MY SCREEN YOU WEIRDO!!! I really wish she sees this and gets the hint. Unfortunately she’s so dumb that even this wouldn’t get her the idea. Every time I type something, she’ll immediately turn her head to see my screen.
I changed the position of my screen so that she can’t see it directly, now she just stretches her neck and peers in. She listens in all my conversations. I can’t talk to PR privately without her listening and asking me questions later regarding the conversation. WTF!!
PR thinks I’m too chicken to confront her and tell her to literally %$@* off. Sometimes I actually find her amusing. The amount of energy she puts in to listen and peer in to my life. She desperately wants to be my BFF, which is so not gona happen. I don’t know how I meet characters like these.
Earlier I had another lady who would want to talk to me but her eyes would be on my monitor. I used to do Windows+D, so she started looking into my taskbar to see what all documents or websites that I have opened. Thankfully God finally heard my prayers and she moved off to another floor.
I feel so violated cuz I can’t even open a document or read anything without people peering in and giving me their opinion which I so did not ask for.
PR has joined a new company and today was his first day at work. They gave him half day off. He wants me to get out of the office and meet him. It’s so annoying that I can’t cuz I need something called a Salary coming in every month which will not happen if I’m not in office. :(
Life’s not fair. Boo Hoo… I have this annoying habit of telling my friends on a Monday morning that there are four more days for weekend. They would be like, Soniaaaaaa The week has just started and you are already wishing for the weekend. :(
I really need a break from work and just sit at home and get soooooo bored that I’m desperate to get back to work. I guess for that to happen I need at least a month. Can anyone please recommend this to my boss?? Pleeeeeeeease………….

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