Meet Bread!!

I would like all of you to meet Bread, the so called watchdog of our apartment. :P
Those of you who have met him know that he is so not. He is the most cutest and the most adorable thing in our building. I think i come next after him in that list.

The so called called owners of Bread, the 2nd floor ppl got him as a pup and named him Bread. Why Bread?? God only knows. I guess they were hungry when they named him. I have no idea what his breed is but have a strong suspicion that he's a stray.
He's a spoiled brat. I mean 90% of the population in our building are women and he's the most sought after male here. He lives a king's life. He lazes around the entire day and acts all cute when one of us turn up to play with him.
Except for PR. PR's legs were Bread's humping machine. Bread used to stretch and get ready when PR turned up and go at it on his legs like crazy. PR is so gona hate me for writing this.
PR was saved after a few months cuz they finally got Bread neutured.
Its been almost a year since Bread has arrived. He's so become part of my life. He's the only living thing i know who is so excited to see me every single day. He has learned a few tricks too. He gives shake hand(in his case, Shake Paw), sits and plays dead. I think his best trick is to play dead the. Oh!! he sniffs crotches too quite well. Ask PR, i think his Ahem!! is Bread's favourite.
I'm a dog lover, thankfully, so is PR. I mean we wud be driving around and if he see a cute dog, we would stop the car to go pet the dog. We are so definitley getting a dog once we get married. :)

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