Mocha Mojo – A Customer Review

To give competition to the existing coffee shops in Indira Nagar, Adyar (Coffee Day, Java Green), Mocha Mojo has turned up. Their location is very central and perfect.
The interiors of the place has been designed in a very funky manner. Thankfully there are no toilet and bedroom themed seating like the one in the Nungambakkam branch. I personally thought the Mocha in Nungambakkam was very tacky and harem like. Mocha Mojo in Adyar has been tastefully designed. They have gone for a very 70’s retro look, from the menu cards to the music they play. They have a non- smoking (downstairs) and smoking (upstairs) section thankfully. They serve hookah also.
Let’s come to the interesting bit – food. They serve salads, bagels, sandwiches, pasta, maggi noodles.. They serve maggi noodles with different sauces – Cheese & Garlic, BBQ, Tibetan and so on. I tried the Cheese & Garlic maggi noodle and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is very bland and creamy.In one word - Continental. So if you are looking for something spicy I would suggest you go for the BBQ or the Tibetan red curry ( I think, don’t exactly remember the name). PR had tried a pasta with chicken and mushroom. They served the dish in the pan that they actually made it. It was like, we can’t be bothered serving it to you in a nice fancy plate. Eat it off the pan. I got my noodles in a nice bowl. PR found the cutlery very funny. His definition of them were cartoon forks and knives.

They have a variety of beverages – coffee, tea, low fat drinks, smoothies, milkshakes. They have these unique shakes where they make them with chocolates such as After Eight, Ferrero Rocher, Kit Kat and so on. Personally I love their Ice Tea. It is so worth the money. They give it literally in a 1ltr bottle. That’s me drinking Lemon Ice Tea in the pic. :)
The desserts are the best things about Mocha. I go to mocha just to have desserts. My personal favorite is the Chocolate Avalanche. They have a Senior and Junior of the same. PR and myself cannot even finish Chocolate Avalanche Jr by ourselves. This is a chocolate lover’s paradise. It has got dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate ice cream, chocolate balls, chocolate syrup and chocolate cake. Basically tones of chocolate in different forms.
The prices are quite steep. An average meal for two would be around 700 Rs and above. It is not a regular hangout place. Coming to Mocha Mojo is an experience. For pocket friendly experience, just walk a few meters down the road to either Java Green or Coffee day.
One thing that caught my interest was the way they served water. They give water in a bottle with mint leaves. The water has a very slight minty taste to it. I found that so unique and also their cartoon cutlery. So next time when you drop in mocha don’t forget to check it out.

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