The Proposal

I sometimes don’t understand how some guys think. It is so weird. I had this guy at work who proposed (literally) through instant messenger. It was to surreal to be true. It took me some time to digest what I was reading. So our chat conversation goes something like this.
Dude: Hi Sonia
Me: Hi
Dude: I like to meet you. I need to talk to you. It’s important. I think it would be better if we meet at Coffee day. Just let me know when shall we meet. Please don’t hesitate.
Me: may i know the reason please?
Dude: it’s something personal which I can’t just say in jabber. I think it will not be fair if I talk about that in communicator.
Me: see I'm not comfortable meeting you in coffee day.
Dude: ok its ur choice
Me: it would be better you tell me what the reason is
Me: now on communicator
Dude: Okay its an proposal
Me: proposal about what?
Dude: Okay I will come to point directly
Dude: But dont be tensed. be relaxed. Its upto u decide. I will not compel u in any manner.
Dude: I love you ( Right!! Fat Chance buddy!!)
Dude: I would like to marry you (What??)
Dude: Will you marry me ? (WTF!!!!!)
Me: well i guess you didnt know then. I'm engaged and will be getting married next year. ( You Loser!!)
Dude: Ok then its fine.
Dude: I didnt know much about u. (WTF!! But he’s in love with me and wants to marry me!!! ) Dude: and ur personal information
Dude: I am sorry
Dude: carry on bye

I found it so funny. I was on the floor laughing. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. He’s in love with me and wants to marry me. I have barely spoken to this guy. I have to give him points for his guts but this is like really stupid.
I guess people think that what happens in movies does really happen in real life. A sore loser of a guy falls in love with a very successful, beautiful (this does not apply to me :P) girl, pursues her and eventually makes her fall in love with him and gets married to her. Some people are so delusional.
I send this across to PR and he found it incredibly funny especially the so ‘matter-of-fact’ in the proposal. He was jealous of me cuz no one had ever proposed to him so romantically and with so much of affection. What we both found so strange was that this guy wants to marry me yet he hardly knows me. Where’s the logic?
My friends found it so funny and was asking me for a treat cuz I had become part of the world’s shortest love story. ‘I Love you’ ‘Will You marry me? ‘ ‘Ok then, leave it’ The End.
They would call me up on my extension and just burst out into laughter cuz they were thinking about it. They were like, we’ll be telling this story to our children, grand children and so on.

I would like to end this post with PR’s words ‘What a cartoon!!!

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