Twilight… Edward Cullen…

I was a late bloomer to the entire Twilight saga frenzy. I happened to watch the ‘MTV Movie Awards’ on VH1 where this movie happened to win ‘Best fight’, ‘Best Actor’, ‘Best Kiss’ and so on. The hormone crazed teenage girls were screaming their head off.
I happened to mention Twilight to my roommate and she’s like ‘You haven’t read the books. They are really nice.’ I was determined to read the books. I went to the library and my librarian was like the book is in waiting list, lot of people want to read the book. I was persistent and went back the next day. He takes out the book from under the counter, removes the bookmark and gives the book. He was reading the book.!!! WTF!!
To my surprise, I enjoyed the book. While I was reading, I asked my fiancé, Prithvi, from now on known as PR, to download the movie. I was in love with Edward. Sigh!! I finally watched the movie, though it didn’t live up to the book, it was good. Robert Pattinson was perfect for the role of Edward.
I was telling PR the gist of twilight and he was like ‘Only women can ever come up with a story which has vampires, werewolves and romance’. According to PR the epitome of a vampire movie is ‘Blade’. A real vampire movie should be like Blade not some sappy love story.
I forced PR to watch the movie. He found the movie so stupid. He was like ‘Why can’t Edward have Bella for lunch or make her immortal and have her forever?’ He had another long list of stuff to say about Edward – the floppy hair, broken nose and so on and so forth. I shut him up cuz I dint want him to taint Edward in anyway.
My teenage sister had seen the movie and is really gaga about it. She was nearly hyperventilating when she came to know that the second movie is coming out. I had to get her all the books. She would read the book and in between would keep saying ‘I am so in love with Edward!!’ Her friends have booked the books after she finishes with them.
I really wouldn’t mind Edward Cullen having me as a meal. I mean the way Stephanie Meyer describes Edward as this god like thingy, my imagination ran wild. I was nearly drooling.
The soundtrack of the movie is really nice. I have ‘Supermassive black hole’ as my ringtone.
I personally feel every teen girl would go gaga over the books and movie. I’m anxiously waiting for ‘Twilight: New Moon’ to come out. PR is so not looking forward to it.

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