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Awesome Saturday

I met up with couple of friends and PR for dinner and drinks at Zara’s. I love Zara’s. They have awesome food, awesome music and awesome ambience. I think I’m also in love with the word ‘awesome’ considering the fact that I have already used it four times.
I am awesome. There I made it five now.
Coming back to Zara’s it was Abhi, Anu, PR, Moi, Malvi and her guy Sandeep. We all squeezed ourselves into Abhi’s santro and went there. On the way Malvi informed that she’s called smecks smex by her friend, which is a short form for Sex Muffin. The very same girl gives her a kiss everyday on her cheek. We are all wondering if she swings the other way and has a thing for Malvi. (Me like.. :) )
On entering Zara’s we found a mime, clown, ballerina and a sergeant roaming about. At first we were like was it a theme night or something? They were apparently promoting a play that’s going to be staged later on in Chennai. I don’t remember the name, venue or time of the play. Sorry to all the people who w…


I just went and saw the movie today post work. We(Moi, Arul & Seenu, PR also joined) were completely bored, checked for tickets online and it was surprisingly available.
Arul who is a total foodie, also a very sweet chap(See Arul i was praising you also) ordered for snacks online. We pretty much bought whatever was available which could also feed half the theatre.
Coming to the movie, it was superb. Shahid Kapoor's best till date..He has grown and finally become a full blown hero material. I loved him both as the stuttering Guddu and Charlie who couldn't pronounce S and said it as F. Priyanka Chopra had a miniscule role but she made her presence and gave a stellar performance.
PR said the movie was taken on a similar line of Guy Ritchie movies like Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I have not watched these movies yet so I wont comment on whether it was a direct lift or copy or inspiration.
A funny incident happened during the interval when I ended up in the wrong ci…

Fire in the Office.. Run.. Run.. Run..

Originally uploaded by superlocal I work in a corporate organization where we have a fire drill conducted once in six months. The alarms would ring and we all would aimlessly walk out of the emergency exits. Most of us are happy that we won’t have to do work for at least an hour. The funniest bit was that they would inform the physically challenged employees earlier and get them out before the drills starts. I’m curious to know what these people are going to do when an actual fire occurs in the building.
We all assemble outside and the drill sergeant would ramble on and on about the importance of safety and what all precautions we should take. I don’t think anyone listens.
It is really funny to see new employees accidently open the emergency doors and the alarm would blare. At that point they all wish they could just melt away. The expression on their faces are priceless.
An incident happened to me where it all started with a flicker. The tube light above me was flickering . I was contemp…

Dove Orchid

PR had taken this picture when we had gone visiting an aunt of mine in kerala.
I have never seen a dove orchid before and didn’t even know that such a type of flower existed.
It is such a beautiful flower. You can see a dove with its wings spread protected by the petals of the orchid. I initially thought this was a man made hybrid variety of the orchid. Apparently I was wrong and this flower happens to be the national flower of Panama.
A beautiful Malayalam poem about the dove orchid has been written by ONV Kurup. An English translation of the poem can be found here.
Kurup describes the relationship and the love between the mother orchid and the baby dove.
I hope all of you enjoy the poem as much as I did.

Babies and Benefits

Originally uploaded by khara I came up on this article where it mentions that the Indian Government is paying couples if they delay in having kids. The government has tried every way possible to curb the population and has come to the last resort of actually paying people to not have kids. They pay the couple a sum of 5000 Rupees for the first two years and an additional 2500 for the third year. The sum looks very measly for people living in the metros but for the rural people it is a huge deal.
An exact opposite of this is the government of Iceland where they encourage people to have more babies like giving incentives such as 9 months leave and if the person is unemployed and has a baby, the government gives you a salary for 6 months for childcare.
If you go to Google India and type How To in the search bar, it gives a quick search results in the drop down, the first entry which is the most popular is ‘How to get pregnant’. For being the second largest population in the world, you would…

Funny Stuff during Kerala Trip

I had gone for a short vacation to Kerala. PR had also joined me and we all had a blast. The weather, the food, the people.. Everything was just perfect…
Lot of funny incidents also happened during this trip.
The Black Panty
The most embarrassing for me was the black panty incident. I had given PR my backpack for him to take his stuff. I had put two bath soaps in the bag to give his mom and as usual he forgot, so when I reached his place on the day we were leaving, she was like I found the soaps and I was like it’s for you and stuff. She’s like ‘I also found your black panty’. I was so embarrassed. I just wanted to blend into the background. To make matters even worse I was like ‘That was not meant for anyone.’. At that moment I just wanted to take a knife and stab myself. I so wished that I could just drop dead.
PR & Pink
PR has been cursed with the color pink. He has been associated with the color intentionally or unintentionally. He was called Pretty Pink at work and also had a bir…

Swine Flu Pandemic in India

I’m not surprised by the extend of how much swine flu has affected Indians and caused deaths. There were no precautions taken when H1N1 was first diagnosed. When I had gone to Singapore in April, the airport had thermal sensors to check for people with high temperature and you know what we had in India, a piece of paper asking you whether you have high temperature or not and you just fill it up. That was the extend of the prevention steps taken in India.
In Singapore, the awareness for H1N1 was a frenzy. There were posters all over and every second ad in the TV stations were related to it. In a mall there, my mom happened to sneeze and the way people scattered and ran away just reminded me of the fight scene in the Matrix, where Neo pushes off all the Agent Smiths. It was too funny. Everyone was giving my mom dirty looks. Poor thing.
This was way back in April and there were no case of Swine Flu in Singapore. In India, nobody bothered and everyone continued with their lives as if it w…

Love Aaj Kal

The promos of the movie looked good. It had a happy go lucky feel to it. It
The first five minutes of the movie were a bit confusing. I was like did we miss something, even though I was there from the beginning watching the annoying and screechy ads that the multiplexes screen before the movie. A span of 2 years will be displayed in a matter of minutes.
The story is of a modern day couple who meet at a bar in London, hit it off quite well. After 2 years of the relationship their aspirations and careers take them to diametrically opposite parts of the world, India and US. They decide to be practical and break off. Too practical to actually have a break up party. I found that too strange and weird to be too modern and practical. Come on whichever generation you live in, breaking off with someone is too painful.
The other love story of the movie is set in the 50’s in a village in Punjab. The way their story is taken is very sweet. The girl who plays Harleen Kuar is so serene and beautiful.…