Awesome Saturday

I met up with couple of friends and PR for dinner and drinks at Zara’s. I love Zara’s. They have awesome food, awesome music and awesome ambience. I think I’m also in love with the word ‘awesome’ considering the fact that I have already used it four times.
I am awesome. There I made it five now.
Coming back to Zara’s it was Abhi, Anu, PR, Moi, Malvi and her guy Sandeep. We all squeezed ourselves into Abhi’s santro and went there. On the way Malvi informed that she’s called smecks smex by her friend, which is a short form for Sex Muffin. The very same girl gives her a kiss everyday on her cheek. We are all wondering if she swings the other way and has a thing for Malvi. (Me like.. :) )
On entering Zara’s we found a mime, clown, ballerina and a sergeant roaming about. At first we were like was it a theme night or something? They were apparently promoting a play that’s going to be staged later on in Chennai. I don’t remember the name, venue or time of the play. Sorry to all the people who wanted to watch a play which had a mime, clown, ballerina and a sergeant.
Malvi also revealed the fact that she’s freaked out about mimes and clowns. Had a traumatic childhood experience with a clown. Didn’t get into details. Unfortunately for her they were sitting in the next table. That girl actually had tears in her eyes to the point where we were considering shifting tables. Sandeep apparently knew the mime. Malvi actually had a thought of dumping the guy cuz he associates himself with mimes. (Kiddin Malvi.. A little embellishment). Later on we found out all the guys in our group knew the mime. He had actually turned up for PR’s birthday last year and apparently I had found him cute then (These were PR’s words). He certainly didn’t look cute as a mime.
I also bumped into my neighbor’s daughter who I guess sneaked out of the house. When she saw me she looked like as if she had seen a ghost. Poor thing was so freaked out the entire time. Scared that I would tell her mom. Obviously I just told my landlady and told her NOT to tell anyone. You know how it is when you tell people not to tell anyone and it eventually spreads. :p
The whole time PR was sipping my mocktail aptly named Strawberry Colada. The name says it all - It’s a pink drink. He was under the impression that no one was noticing. Oh Boy!! Was he so wrong?
All in all it was as a fun Saturday. One more random thing I heard on Saturday was the fact that Sandeep send a text message to Abhi which was intended for Malvi.
The text message said ‘Sleep on me pls’. Abhi’s reply was ‘Ok, but why???’
It goes to show that Abhi’s game for anything. :P

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