Babies and Benefits

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I came up on this article where it mentions that the Indian Government is paying couples if they delay in having kids. The government has tried every way possible to curb the population and has come to the last resort of actually paying people to not have kids. They pay the couple a sum of 5000 Rupees for the first two years and an additional 2500 for the third year. The sum looks very measly for people living in the metros but for the rural people it is a huge deal.
An exact opposite of this is the government of Iceland where they encourage people to have more babies like giving incentives such as 9 months leave and if the person is unemployed and has a baby, the government gives you a salary for 6 months for childcare.
If you go to Google India and type How To in the search bar, it gives a quick search results in the drop down, the first entry which is the most popular is ‘How to get pregnant’. For being the second largest population in the world, you would think that we would have figured out the bit of getting pregnant instead of googling how to. If you take Google Iceland, they are too busy learning to tie a tie instead of getting pregnant. I think India should spend time learning how to tie a tie considering the fact half the people I have met don’t know how to and the Icelanders should google more on getting pregnant.

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