Fire in the Office.. Run.. Run.. Run..

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I work in a corporate organization where we have a fire drill conducted once in six months. The alarms would ring and we all would aimlessly walk out of the emergency exits. Most of us are happy that we won’t have to do work for at least an hour. The funniest bit was that they would inform the physically challenged employees earlier and get them out before the drills starts. I’m curious to know what these people are going to do when an actual fire occurs in the building.
We all assemble outside and the drill sergeant would ramble on and on about the importance of safety and what all precautions we should take. I don’t think anyone listens.
It is really funny to see new employees accidently open the emergency doors and the alarm would blare. At that point they all wish they could just melt away. The expression on their faces are priceless.
An incident happened to me where it all started with a flicker. The tube light above me was flickering . I was contemplating whether to call the admin and report the matter but I sort of got used to it and felt very trance like. After some time the tube fused out but the filament was a bright orange. Soon I started smelling smoke and I look up to find out the filament was on fire and it was slowly spreading. By this time everyone sitting in and around me noticed the fire and were all hyperventilating. People started unplugging laptops and moving away. Couple of people ran to get the fire extinguishers to put it out. In the mean time the electrician had reached the scene, he climbed up my desk, stood on his toes and went ‘Phooo’ and put the fire out. The people who had come with the extinguishers felt so stupid ( I guess they were thinking ‘WTF!!!’). The so called fire was put off in a way like how someone would blow off birthday candles.
News of the so called fire had spread in the office and people were coming up to me to asking whether anyone got hurt and was there any serious damages. I was so tempted to embellish the incident like how was rescued by the cute hunk of a fire fighter but I came to my senses and realized that it is India and there aren’t cute firemen.

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