Funny Stuff during Kerala Trip

I had gone for a short vacation to Kerala. PR had also joined me and we all had a blast. The weather, the food, the people.. Everything was just perfect…
Lot of funny incidents also happened during this trip.

The Black Panty
The most embarrassing for me was the black panty incident. I had given PR my backpack for him to take his stuff. I had put two bath soaps in the bag to give his mom and as usual he forgot, so when I reached his place on the day we were leaving, she was like I found the soaps and I was like it’s for you and stuff. She’s like ‘I also found your black panty’. I was so embarrassed. I just wanted to blend into the background. To make matters even worse I was like ‘That was not meant for anyone.’. At that moment I just wanted to take a knife and stab myself. I so wished that I could just drop dead.

PR & Pink
PR has been cursed with the color pink. He has been associated with the color intentionally or unintentionally. He was called Pretty Pink at work and also had a birthday cake with pink icing. It was so funny to find out that the blanket in the train that was given to him was pink in color. He was so shocked. I was like it was the exact same color that I was planning to use to paint his toes while he’s sleeping.

Kermit the Frog
There was a prayer meeting in our house and all of us (eyes rolling) were forced to attend it. The priest had come home and waiting. The whole time I was like, he looks so familiar. I went to get my brother and he wanted to know the name of the priest (apparently there are 3 priests in our church, I didn’t know). I didn’t know the name and my bro was ‘Does he look like Kermit the frog?’. I was ‘OMG!! He so does look like Kermit!!’. The whole time I was controlling my laughter and after the meeting my mom said that the priest himself admitted that he looks like the Zoozoos of Vodafone ads and yup he also looked like a zoozoo. PR was like he should sue Vodafone for royalties. :P

Stevan’s Swimming
We all had gone swimming in the club. The pool was empty and my bro, Stevan the Godzilla decided to jump in and nearly 2 inches of the water was out of the pool. It was so hilarious to see my bro swim. It was like his aim was not to move forward but to get as much water out of the pool. It was one of the most funniest things that I had seen recently.

The Wedding gift
I also attended a wedding of two of my close friends. PR & myself decided to gift them sexy lingerie and stuff. We had already told them in advance so that they wouldn’t open the gift in front of the family and make an absolute fool of themselves. (though it would have been fun to watch ) While we were giving them the gift, they were dragged by the groom’s dad to take pictures and he took the gift from them and said he’ll keep it. The expression of the bride and the groom was priceless. It was a classic Kodak moment.

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