I just went and saw the movie today post work. We(Moi, Arul & Seenu, PR also joined) were completely bored, checked for tickets online and it was surprisingly available.
Arul who is a total foodie, also a very sweet chap(See Arul i was praising you also) ordered for snacks online. We pretty much bought whatever was available which could also feed half the theatre.
Coming to the movie, it was superb. Shahid Kapoor's best till date..He has grown and finally become a full blown hero material. I loved him both as the stuttering Guddu and Charlie who couldn't pronounce S and said it as F. Priyanka Chopra had a miniscule role but she made her presence and gave a stellar performance.
PR said the movie was taken on a similar line of Guy Ritchie movies like Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I have not watched these movies yet so I wont comment on whether it was a direct lift or copy or inspiration.
A funny incident happened during the interval when I ended up in the wrong cinema screen. I go in and am like Hmmmmm.... It looks different. I asked a guy what movie was running and he said Quick Gun Murugan. Imagine if I actually sat in the theatre, the ending of Kaminey would have been so different. QGM is one movie I want to watch with Locket Girl, Mango Dolly and Rice Plate Reddy. Even Aamir Khan mentioned in his blog that this movie is a must watch.

According to me the best part of the Kaminey was Dhan Te Nan.... The tune is so catchy and the song is very psychedelic to watch on screen..

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