Love Aaj Kal

The promos of the movie looked good. It had a happy go lucky feel to it. It
The first five minutes of the movie were a bit confusing. I was like did we miss something, even though I was there from the beginning watching the annoying and screechy ads that the multiplexes screen before the movie. A span of 2 years will be displayed in a matter of minutes.
The story is of a modern day couple who meet at a bar in London, hit it off quite well. After 2 years of the relationship their aspirations and careers take them to diametrically opposite parts of the world, India and US. They decide to be practical and break off. Too practical to actually have a break up party. I found that too strange and weird to be too modern and practical. Come on whichever generation you live in, breaking off with someone is too painful.
The other love story of the movie is set in the 50’s in a village in Punjab. The way their story is taken is very sweet. The girl who plays Harleen Kuar is so serene and beautiful. I just now found that she is a 19 year old Brazilian model named Giselle. She looks so Indian and really suited the role of a Punjabi kudi (girl in Punjabi, for those who didn’t know ).
All in all it was a fun movie to watch. It had an ending where everyone lives happily ever after. A very refreshing hindi movie after the disastrous Kambhaqt Ishq. That movie was so crappy that once the movie was over none of us could speak for some time because so many brain cells died that our thought process was very slow. We, i.e. girls, got 2 positive things out of the movie
Kareena Kapoor, even though she looked like a million bucks, has dark underarms.
Denise Richards has a blonde mustache.
All of us were like, they are mortals just like the rest of us. They too have flaws. :)

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