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A lil bit of Self Loving...

Before all the guys jump into thinking its gona be a sausy steamy post. Well its not. And you know who you are.. I don't need to mention any names.

I was feeling a little low today. Not exactly low, just dull. I felt my life was very dull. For no apparent reason. There wasn't anything happening.

The feeling became worse as the day progressed so once I was done with work, I decided to pamper myself. I decided to go to the parlor. It's the end of the month and I had no cash. One part of me was like 'Are you crazy? Wait for just 2 days and indulge yourself'. The other part was like 'You really need it. Do it for yourself. Don't listen to your practical side' Finally I caved into the illogical side of me and breezed into the parlor.

I did a bit of grooming (not getting into details) and got myself a pedicure. I dont know about you girls out there, but a pedicure is the next best thing to chocolate. I love it when people play around with my feet. I always get P…


I have got a terrible cold. To add to the misery is the nonstop sneezing.
It’s a toggle between blowing my nose and sneezing my guts out. I have no idea which is worse.
I would hate to be in my nose’s position. Poor Nose. I would like to apologize for putting you through this. It’s not me, blame it on Adam & Eve. They couldn’t listen to simple instructions from God. I know you don’t deserve this but I’m trying my level best to get us out of this misery.
My nose would give Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, an inferiority complex. It’s become so numb.
Everything looks so blurry. I’m stuck at work, freezing my ass out and not able to breathe. I want to go home, crawl back into my bed and cuddle with Cuddles, my teddy.

I can’t believe we, the human race, has spend tones of time, energy and money for finding cures for all sorts of disease but nothing, nada, zilch for the common cold. Why? Come on we all suffer from cold at least once or more in our lifetime.

So if anyone who does research…


I found this extremely funny and thought of sharing it with all of you. I love the humor in xkcd.

Seriously men have no clue what all crap we women go through. It is so unfair that only women suffer from menstruation. It is only fair if men also experience what we go through. I have decided that PR and I are having kids if he can carry and deliver. PR says why go through all that we’ll adopt and become famous like Brangelina.
The definition (one among many) for Brangelina is - ‘A baby-adopting, high fashion, chateau-dwelling force of nature that has starred in hundreds of films and dated/been married to approximately half the population of Hollywood.
According to PR, women are the flawed one in the species and God made them when he was totally wasted and smoking cannabis. PR uses my PMS as an excuse every time he does something stupid to get me super pissed. It’s always like ‘Honey, you are just overreacting. I guess you must be PMSing.’
WTF!! How can he use my excuse to get angry over …

Neil - My Blue Bum Cousin

Before anyone thinks of me as a pervert checking out my cousins rear ends, let me get things straight. Neil is my youngest cousin from mom's side. He is an adorable 3 year old.
I met him last weekend and had a blast with that kid. He's a talkative cuddly thing. He has an obsessive compulsive behavior of switching off lights, fans, computer, for the matter anything that is on. In our house all the switches are near his height level and he has a blast turning off one after the other. He gets a little boggled sometimes because in some rooms we have 2 switches for the same light or fan. The switch will be in the ON position but the light will be OFF. He gets so confused when he "switches off" the light and it gets turned on. The confused look on his face is so worth it.
The kid actually shuts down the computer. I don't mean that he just turns off the main switch, he actually goes to Start-> Shut Down. It was amazing to see him do it. A 3 year old knows how to switch…

Can't Sleep

I count sheep like crazy when I can't fall asleep even to the point of naming each one. :)
I actually had a dream where the sheep jump back exactly like the drawing in the third panel after counting for an hour before finally falling asleep.

Oddly enough the sheep always have girl’s names. I never realized that until now.
They are always named Jane, Jaimy, Sandra, Samantha, Sally, Andrea, Bianca and so on. I don’t know anyone with the above names. I never name them after anyone I know. Strange… What does that say about me? (PR can keep his comments to himself)

That’s it. Tonight onwards they are going to have boys names.
Helloo Brian, Ryan, Philip, Peter, Justin, Jonathan, Luke
Good Bye Jane, Jaimy, Sandra, Samantha, Sally, Andrea, Bianca

Manic Monday

PR and I had to attend a friend's wedding in all the way in Kodambakkam. That's another part of Chennai I never want to go ever again. As usual it was all last minute running around and getting ready. We decided to get the couple flowers. While we were waiting for the bouquet to get ready I was looking at the flowers and all of a sudden, ideas for the kind of flowers to be used for my wedding just sprung up. I need to have a long discussion with bridesmaids and get their feedback. More on that some other time..
We spend almost an hour in the auto to get to the place. PR had got birthday bumps from his colleagues and it was hilarious to see him struggling to sit in the auto through every ditch and bump along the way.
We finally got to meet the frustrated & irritated bride and groom. I don't blame them, considering the fact that they have been smiling and standing since 2AM. Poor things... The whole time PR was going on about how lucky that he's marrying me. I'm…

T Nagar – Hell on Earth

I love Shopping. I can spend hours shopping and not be tired. PR would definitely agree to this. This is what he had to say about his shopping experience with me.
Cousins had come to Chennai and wanted to shop in hell of all hellholes - ‘T-Nagar’. Apparently they have seen such alluring ads of the shops in TV that they wanted to check it out. Let me be clear, I’m not being anti-Chennai or something. I have lived in this city for more than 7 years and I have been to T-Nagar only like 5 times or less. I don’t know why I didn’t go there more often, I think its cuz I don’t know I wanted to live!!
That place is maddening. You can’t make any decisions of your own once you reach there. You just go with the crowd. I went on a weekday where apparently the crowd is less. I can’t imagine how it would be on a weekend and especially during the holiday time. There are just people everywhere.
I felt very claustrophobic and si…

Time Heals Everything


Onam 2009

So like Sept 2nd was Onam and stuff.. For people who have no clue What or Who Onam is please click here. The previous day I was ranting to PR about how I want to go home and stuff. So he thought I was feeling homesick considering its Onam and all. The next day he calls me up in the morning and says to bunk work. I was all dressed in the traditional onam outfit (will be putting up pic soon) and he wanted me to bunk. No way!! Finally we compromised that I would bunk half day and meet him for lunch.
You would think we would have gone to some mal restaurant and had lunch. Nah! We went to Mainland China and had Chinese food. All Mal restaurants would be crowded with all the mallus and the non mallus who would want to try out mal cuisine. It’s like church on Christmas. People who never go to church the rest of the year would turn up on Christmas and it’s maddening.
We enter the restaurant and everyone’s sort of giving me weird looks like ‘Lady! I think you have come to the wrong restaurant.…

How To Become a Mermaid!!

For all those women and girls who have seen 'The little Mermaid' countless times and wanted to become one. I guess here's your answer. The witch agrees too because this is the Best Answer chosen by her.

And here I was rummaging through old spell books and trying my level best to get into Hogwarts to learn the spell. Stupid me.. Didnt think of just posting it up on Yahoo!