Can't Sleep

If androids someday DO dream of electric sheep, don't forget to declare sheepCount as a long int.

I count sheep like crazy when I can't fall asleep even to the point of naming each one. :)
I actually had a dream where the sheep jump back exactly like the drawing in the third panel after counting for an hour before finally falling asleep.

Oddly enough the sheep always have girl’s names. I never realized that until now.
They are always named Jane, Jaimy, Sandra, Samantha, Sally, Andrea, Bianca and so on. I don’t know anyone with the above names. I never name them after anyone I know. Strange… What does that say about me? (PR can keep his comments to himself)

That’s it. Tonight onwards they are going to have boys names.
Helloo Brian, Ryan, Philip, Peter, Justin, Jonathan, Luke
Good Bye Jane, Jaimy, Sandra, Samantha, Sally, Andrea, Bianca

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