A lil bit of Self Loving...

Before all the guys jump into thinking its gona be a sausy steamy post. Well its not. And you know who you are.. I don't need to mention any names.

I was feeling a little low today. Not exactly low, just dull. I felt my life was very dull. For no apparent reason. There wasn't anything happening.

The feeling became worse as the day progressed so once I was done with work, I decided to pamper myself. I decided to go to the parlor. It's the end of the month and I had no cash. One part of me was like 'Are you crazy? Wait for just 2 days and indulge yourself'. The other part was like 'You really need it. Do it for yourself. Don't listen to your practical side' Finally I caved into the illogical side of me and breezed into the parlor.

I did a bit of grooming (not getting into details) and got myself a pedicure. I dont know about you girls out there, but a pedicure is the next best thing to chocolate. I love it when people play around with my feet. I always get PR to give me foot massages. He is the best and gives the most amazing massages. I'm more so marrying him for my feet. They begged and told me not to let go of him.

Coming back to my pedicure, well this was the first time for me. I had a cute guy doing my pedicure. The cute & the guy bit are first time. I had a silly grin on and was so looking forward to the next 45 minutes. It was so worth it. My feet were like 'Woah!! Hello Cutie..'

Here I am two hours later writing this with a big smile on my face and thoroughly happy. My life ain't exactly dull no more.

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