Manic Monday

PR and I had to attend a friend's wedding in all the way in Kodambakkam. That's another part of Chennai I never want to go ever again. As usual it was all last minute running around and getting ready. We decided to get the couple flowers. While we were waiting for the bouquet to get ready I was looking at the flowers and all of a sudden, ideas for the kind of flowers to be used for my wedding just sprung up. I need to have a long discussion with bridesmaids and get their feedback. More on that some other time..
We spend almost an hour in the auto to get to the place. PR had got birthday bumps from his colleagues and it was hilarious to see him struggling to sit in the auto through every ditch and bump along the way.

finally got to meet the frustrated & irritated bride and groom. I don't blame them, considering the fact that they have been smiling and standing since 2AM. Poor things... The whole time PR was going on about how lucky that he's marrying me. I'm not sure whether he's marrying me for me or the fact he does not have to go through a lot if he did marry someone else or because he loves me.. A thought to stumble on. :P
Srikanth or Madam Butterfly, PR or Trunk-A-Thong (its a long story) and me or lusty busty decided to go for coffee after that and ended up in Mocha Mojo. I spend a way lot of cash and time in that place. I should stop going there. Its not like I'm getting paid for the publicity. We just ordered a hot chocolate and ended up taking funny pics of me. :(
Madam Butterfly, you are not putting those pics up anywhere. You are to delete them. Do you hear me??

MB and me decided to sing along to the songs being played. They were playing 'I just died in your arms' by Cutting Crew. The initial part of the song where it sounds like
'AAAAAAaaaaaaaa... I just died in your arms tonight'
We were trying to figure out what the initial bit and finally agreed that it was
'Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack .. I just died in your arms tonight'
I checked online and found that it was 'Oh! I just died in your arms tonight'
How boring?? Ours sounded so much better..

From there it went on to 'Hello' , 'Hotel California', and 'Billie Jean'..
PR would have actually paid us to stop singing if we continued any further.
Oh! In between we sang 'Choli ke peche kya hai', a song I have not heard or sung in a very long time. :)
All in all the day was a fun and a manic monday!!!

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