Neil - My Blue Bum Cousin

Before anyone thinks of me as a pervert checking out my cousins rear ends, let me get things straight. Neil is my youngest cousin from mom's side. He is an adorable 3 year old.
I met him last weekend and had a blast with that kid. He's a talkative cuddly thing. He has an obsessive compulsive behavior of switching off lights, fans, computer, for the matter anything that is on. In our house all the switches are near his height level and he has a blast turning off one after the other. He gets a little boggled sometimes because in some rooms we have 2 switches for the same light or fan. The switch will be in the ON position but the light will be OFF. He gets so confused when he "switches off" the light and it gets turned on. The confused look on his face is so worth it.
The kid actually shuts down the computer. I don't mean that he just turns off the main switch, he actually goes to Start-> Shut Down. It was amazing to see him do it. A 3 year old knows how to switch off the computer!! I know a lot of people who still have not got the hang of handling a mouse, forget starting/shutting a PC.
Coming back to Neil, apparently he was named after a blue discoloration on the left cheek of his bum. How do I know this much detail? My sis told me. It's a little alarming that she knows this. :P

In Indian languages (at least the ones I know), Neela or Neelam translates to the color blue. So Neil is named after the color blue. Imagine 15 years from now when Neil is in his teens and trying to woo girls and they know his deep blue secret, thanks to me. As it is men in my family are all 6 feet & above and this kid is so gona follow suit. I'm dead meat. I'll be too old to fight him. So what I'm trying to say is that I have a lot of guts to post this in spite of a possible threat to my life in the years to come.

Speaking of blue, the other day I saw the promos for the Bollywood movie, BLUE. It looks awesome. But what's with the scenes between Sanjay Dutt and Lara Dutta? That looks so wrong. There was nothing sexy about it. (Lara looked HOT!! But with Sanjay? WTF!!)It just totally grossed me out. Did anyone else feel the same or is it just me?

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