Onam 2009

So like Sept 2nd was Onam and stuff.. For people who have no clue What or Who Onam is please click here.
The previous day I was ranting to PR about how I want to go home and stuff. So he thought I was feeling homesick considering its Onam and all. The next day he calls me up in the morning and says to bunk work. I was all dressed in the traditional onam outfit (will be putting up pic soon) and he wanted me to bunk. No way!! Finally we compromised that I would bunk half day and meet him for lunch.
You would think we would have gone to some mal restaurant and had lunch. Nah! We went to Mainland China and had Chinese food. All Mal restaurants would be crowded with all the mallus and the non mallus who would want to try out mal cuisine. It’s like church on Christmas. People who never go to church the rest of the year would turn up on Christmas and it’s maddening.

We enter the restaurant and everyone’s sort of giving me weird looks like ‘Lady! I think you have come to the wrong restaurant. We do not serve mal food.’ I had a who-the-f*&$-cares look. This was our first time to Mainland China and at the entrance there were these 3 huge Chinese warrior statues. It was quite intimidating. They all looked very angry. Wonder why?
We ordered Chicken Noodles and Chicken in Oyster sauce for main course. The food was ok, nothing to write home about. While we were eating the server came and asked us how the food was. I was thinking at that time that some customers might find this annoying. After some time, another guy comes and asks me about the food and I had just stuffed my mouth with noodles and I had this one noodle string hanging from my mouth. I’m trying to slurp the noodle in and this dude bends down and we are like literally face to face and he’s bloody waiting for my answer. I was slurping and shaking my head like I was in spasm or something. PR just sat there and enjoyed the mayhem. That bum!!
Whatever.. Moving to desserts we ordered hot chocolate rolls with vanilla ice cream. That was yummy. The rolls were like mini spring rolls except filled with chocolate. They served it hot and it was awesome. My favorite part was when they served Jasmine tea in these cute cups with no handles. The tea is lovely.. If you are a tea lover you should def try it.
PR tried it and this was his description of the tea:

Water that was collected at the base of a mushroom growing on the side of a tree which was peed on by a passing squirrel.

I have no words..

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