I have got a terrible cold. To add to the misery is the nonstop sneezing.
It’s a toggle between blowing my nose and sneezing my guts out. I have no idea which is worse.
I would hate to be in my nose’s position. Poor Nose. I would like to apologize for putting you through this. It’s not me, blame it on Adam & Eve. They couldn’t listen to simple instructions from God. I know you don’t deserve this but I’m trying my level best to get us out of this misery.
My nose would give Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, an inferiority complex. It’s become so numb.
Everything looks so blurry. I’m stuck at work, freezing my ass out and not able to breathe. I want to go home, crawl back into my bed and cuddle with Cuddles, my teddy.

I can’t believe we, the human race, has spend tones of time, energy and money for finding cures for all sorts of disease but nothing, nada, zilch for the common cold. Why? Come on we all suffer from cold at least once or more in our lifetime.

So if anyone who does research is reading this, stop doing what you are doing and start researching on finding the cure for the common cold. We all desperately need a cure for this.

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