T Nagar – Hell on Earth

I love Shopping. I can spend hours shopping and not be tired. PR would definitely agree to this. This is what he had to say about his shopping experience with me.

Cousins had come to Chennai and wanted to shop in hell of all hellholes - ‘T-Nagar’. Apparently they have seen such alluring ads of the shops in TV that they wanted to check it out. Let me be clear, I’m not being anti-Chennai or something. I have lived in this city for more than 7 years and I have been to T-Nagar only like 5 times or less. I don’t know why I didn’t go there more often, I think its cuz I don’t know I wanted to live!!
That place is maddening. You can’t make any decisions of your own once you reach there. You just go with the crowd. I went on a weekday where apparently the crowd is less. I can’t imagine how it would be on a weekend and especially during the holiday time. There are just people everywhere.
I felt very claustrophobic and sick. On top of that I felt so lost in the concrete and textile jungle. It was crazy. I have made a promise to myself that I would never ever go there even if someone pays me a million bucks. Wait a minute, for a million bucks it’s not bad.
Hmmm.... Nah I still wouldn’t go.
If you don’t like someone, just direct them to T Nagar and tell them it’s the best place to shop.. just leave out the ‘in hell’ bit.

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