Time Heals Everything

A friend of mine is going through a very bad phase in her life right now. Someone extremely close to her has broken her trust. She’s having a lot of questions running in her head. Can she ever trust them again? More so what can the person do to gain her trust back. As they say time is a great healer. Is it? I think it’s more so like over time you tend to brood less and less on the issue rather than the person gaining your trust back.

First thing is that you have to accept that the relationship is never going to be the same no matter what. It’s difficult to digest and accept but that’s the ugly truth.

It is a huge eye opener. You tend to see the world differently.

It’s going to hurt. Real bad. It’s always best to cry it out rather than chalk it up in and carry a big burden around. You get some sort of relief.

You need to start reevaluating yourself to see whom you can trust and put your faith in. At this point my friend feels she can’t trust anyone. That’s natural I guess. :(

Few things we have been doing to cheer her up

  • We have been reading Calvin and Hobbes and it just cracks up the unhappiest person. It’s so heartening to see her laugh out without a care in the world.
  • We have been going for long walks where we talk about happy stuff like doggies (both of us love dogs), books, music and stuff
  • Read funny blogs(Read: Mine :P)
  • Watch funny movies (Hangover, Marley & me etc…)
  • Go to the parlor and pamper ourselves
  • Shoe Shopping!! We don’t buy them but trying on a pair of heels just makes any woman’s day

I’m hoping time would heal this emotional wound. When I saw her like that it got me into thinking, what can I do to prevent a similar situation from happening to me. Should I build a wall around me and prevent people from hurting me. Would that keep me safe? At times like these I wish I was a kid who didn’t know about the big bad world out there.

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