I found this extremely funny and thought of sharing it with all of you. I love the humor in xkcd.

413 nanohertz, by the way.

Seriously men have no clue what all crap we women go through. It is so unfair that only women suffer from menstruation. It is only fair if men also experience what we go through. I have decided that PR and I are having kids if he can carry and deliver. PR says why go through all that we’ll adopt and become famous like Brangelina.
The definition (one among many) for Brangelina is - ‘A baby-adopting, high fashion, chateau-dwelling force of nature that has starred in hundreds of films and dated/been married to approximately half the population of Hollywood.
According to PR, women are the flawed one in the species and God made them when he was totally wasted and smoking cannabis. PR uses my PMS as an excuse every time he does something stupid to get me super pissed. It’s always like ‘Honey, you are just overreacting. I guess you must be PMSing.’
WTF!! How can he use my excuse to get angry over him as an advantage to weasel his way out of trouble?
PR Call me!! We need to have a long talk….

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