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Jesus Toast Anyone??

I saw this picture and had to share it with all of you.
I don’t think this is what Jesus meant when he said that the bread be converted to his body.
What would be the ad caption for this be?
‘Have Jesus for breakfast!! ‘
The church is going to be upset cuz till now only they had authority to convert the bread into Jesus’s body.
I also did a lil bit of scouting on the net and found that they have a Darth Vader toaster too.

It looks a little burned though but I guess all the Star War fans wouldn’t mind a burnt toast especially if it’s the bad ass dude that they are chewing up. :P

For all the girls out there, don’t feel bad they have a Hello Kitty toaster too.
I don’t know what to say about the people who came up with this idea. Innovative or Jobless?
So if you had a choice, whose face would you want on your toast?

Traffic Signal

PR has this weird thing with traffic signals. He absolutely hates them. I can understand its annoying to get caught at a traffic signal, but I think he’s seriously got issues.
He would rather take a detour and go the longer route to reach his destination, so that he can miss the ‘wretched’ signals. Yesterday he was dropping me back home and I was navigating him through a new route and we got stuck in a signal. If looks could kill, I would have been dead. The timer showed 60 seconds which was not good for me at all. We were stuck in the signal for ONE whole minute. He was nearly fuming and was telling me how the signal was mocking us. One minute of his life has been wasted on the damned signal.
I found his frustration hilarious, which didn’t help either. I was trying so hard not to laugh. He’s the cool and calm one in our relationship and I’m the one who’s hyperventilating. It was cute to see him like that. Obviously once he reads this, he’s going to completely deny this and say that he …

Papa I'm Lost!

I came across these cute snaps of my brother when he was a kid and thought of writing about his various lil adventures as a kid.
He’s gotten lost many times and I would like to recount the few that were hilarious.

Safa Park – Dubai
A whole bunch of us had gone to Safa Park(a huge widespread park) for a picnic. As usual all the kids were playing ball, the parents were all sitting around & chatting and the remaining few who didn’t belong to either category and wished they were somewhere else.
My brother, Stevan (2 years old) was along with the children, trying to get the attention of the bigger kids to include him in the gang. After some time my dad gets a call on his cell phone from an unknown number. He picks up and my bro was like ‘Papa, I’m lost’. Keep in mind, this is a 2 year old to whom my dad had told his mobile number once , a long time ago. Till the point Stevan called, we didn’t know he was lost. He started describing things around him, like people playing cricket, having a b…

Pre-Marital Counselling

You heard me right!! PR and I had to attend pre-marital counseling classes if we had to get married in a church.
We had people who have no experience in marriage telling us how to live a successful and happy marriage. To add to the misery was that the entire thing was for 3 whole days and that too on weekends. The only high point in a week were weekends and they took that away from me.
People have been asking me to recount my experience in the so called counseling classes but it was so traumatic and painful that I have actually blocked it out of my head.
PR incidentally has written not one but three posts on this topic. Do check it out.
I hope that I never have to go through this again. Next time I’m getting a register marriage!!
Did I just say next time? Why would I d…

Boyzone - A Different Beat

I was a huge huge fan of Boyzone during my teens. It was such a shock to hear that one of the boys, Stephen Gately, passed away. I mean I grew up on their music. They were a huge part of my friends & my life during our crazy teenage days. We would talk about them and collect pictures and posters of theirs endlessly. My room was filled with their posters which incidentally my mom has kept safely to remind me of those days.I All of us wanted to marry Ronan Keating and the other half wanted to marry Stephen and beget their children. I still remember in Oct 1999 when they came to Dubai to perform. We were all begging our parents to take us for the concert. After a lot of pleading and vouching to do a lot more housework and getting good grades my dad finally agreed. The entire stadium was filled with hormone crazed girls. A group of us were together with my dad and another grown up as our chaperon. The whole time we were screaming and singing along while my dad was sitting in one corne…

Keyboard Mayhem

I re-enter my place of doom (aka work station) after a long weekend, switch on my system and tried to log in. I couldn't and I was secretly pleased that God finally answered my prayers but another part of me was like 'Is this their way of telling me ? You no longer work here!!'
I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del keys but the damn authentication box wouldn't turn up. The tech people sit like a 100 meters away from my cubicle but as per company rules I can't approach them directly, I need to call up the call centre which is half way across the world, tell them my problem and they would call the tech people and inform them of my issues. Is it just me or is that a more complicated procedure?
Anyways it's almost an hour of non-productive work. I'm just sitting at my place and staring at a blank screen. The tech dude takes his own sweet time and turns up eventually. I ranted on and on about how much my work has been affected and made it quite clear to him that the company woul…

Bubbly Lux

I met Lakshmi (lux) at work when we both were starting out in our careers. She and I hit it off instantly. We had the same wavelength of thoughts and liked similar things which included boys, clothes, perfumes, make up, shopping... The list is never ending.
She and I were called SME’s (Subject Matter Expert) in all topics that were of adult content. :) We had an answer or an opinion for all topics related to this.

Now she’s married and moved to Sin city – Las Vegas. It was like she was meant to be there and all forces of nature just pulled her in. She’s a diva in dual roles – ideal house wife in the day and Las Vegas show girl in the night!! Oopsie Lux.. I just slipped out our well kept secret. (Wink!! Wink!!)

Today being her birthday, I dedicate this post to her. Hope you have a great day and have a romantic candle light dinner with hubbie.

Below I’m going to describe one of our escapades during Diwali of 2007. This was way before I started blogging and I had send out an email on our lil…

Shoes.... Glorious Shoes...

PR got me new footwear this weekend. And girls its just awesome.. I didn't own a pair of red heels and he just added that to the list.

Don't they look sexy!!! I'm so in love with them

Now you know why I'm marrying him. :)

Since I was doing a post on shoes, I thought of sharing some of my favorite pairs.

These sexy purple pumps were given to me by Nina, Sriks (Madam Butterfly) and Karthik. Nina girl.. these shoes are so pretty. I LOVE them.. Thank you so much you guys...

Don't they look so cute together... Sigh!!!

These are my favorite pair of black heels. I got them from Bombay. I still remember the first time I wore them, felt like a million bucks but after some time my feet were slowly killing me.
To get some relief, I would
remove the heels and stand one
foot on PR's foot and the other on Karthik's. You guys were my knights in shining armor!!

These lavender ones were picked up in Bangalore. I loved the color and had to pick it up. They looked so cute and elega…