Boyzone - A Different Beat

I was a huge huge fan of Boyzone during my teens. It was such a shock to hear that one of the boys, Stephen Gately, passed away. I mean I grew up on their music. They were a huge part of my friends & my life during our crazy teenage days. We would talk about them and collect pictures and posters of theirs endlessly. My room was filled with their posters which incidentally my mom has kept safely to remind me of those days.I All of us wanted to marry Ronan Keating and the other half wanted to marry Stephen and beget their children. I still remember in Oct 1999 when they came to Dubai to perform. We were all begging our parents to take us for the concert. After a lot of pleading and vouching to do a lot more housework and getting good grades my dad finally agreed. The entire stadium was filled with hormone crazed girls. A group of us were together with my dad and another grown up as our chaperon. The whole time we were screaming and singing along while my dad was sitting in one corner falling off to sleep. That night was one of the best nights ever.In a press conference someone had asked them, 'Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?' and Stephen responded 'Hopefully performing a concert in Dubai.'
It’s been 10 years now since I attended that concert. Life literally zoomed by in these years. I grew up, got over Boyzone, they broke up and got back in 2007. I have been so busy that I didn’t stop to smell the flowers. I have gone back and dug up my old boyzone collection and been listening to them. I still like their music!!

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