Bubbly Lux

I met Lakshmi (lux) at work when we both were starting out in our careers. She and I hit it off instantly. We had the same wavelength of thoughts and liked similar things which included boys, clothes, perfumes, make up, shopping... The list is never ending.
She and I were called SME’s (Subject Matter Expert) in all topics that were of adult content. :) We had an answer or an opinion for all topics related to this.

Now she’s married and moved to Sin city – Las Vegas. It was like she was meant to be there and all forces of nature just pulled her in. She’s a diva in dual roles – ideal house wife in the day and Las Vegas show girl in the night!! Oopsie Lux.. I just slipped out our well kept secret. (Wink!! Wink!!)

Today being her birthday, I dedicate this post to her. Hope you have a great day and have a romantic candle light dinner with hubbie.

Below I’m going to describe one of our escapades during Diwali of 2007. This was way before I started blogging and I had send out an email on our lil adventure to our friends.

This ones to you girl!!

This is about my wonderful day with Lakshmi…

It was a beautiful Friday.. It was the day of diwali.. yeaaa.. and we thought we’ll go for a movie..
So on Wednesday we booked tickets for the movie Saawariya ( cuz we didn’t get tickets for Om Shanti Om, atleast when we checked, it was not available but later on we did get tickets but that’s like a different story altogether). There were 2 tickets available for the front row. It was 120 bucks each… :(
The movie was at 8:30 AM. 8:30AM??? come on I don’t even get up that early to go for work…
I decided to stay over at Lux’s place(Laksmi, jus in case u guys get confused at to who Lux is now).
So technically we had to get up at 7:30AM to get ready and go for the movie and plus Lux’s place is quite far from the theatre… We had to take two share autos and then an auto to reach the bloody theatre.

We reach the theatre and we wanted to have coffee/tea since we slept late the previous night ( And No we didn’t do anything kinky :P for some ppl who hoped we would do stuff and take snaps of it or even better video :P..i am not mentioning any names cuz they know who they are…)
FYI we were watching Coupling ( which is a Brit comedy, by da way u all should watch it(in case u have not).. its really hilarious).
So like we wanted something to drink and they didn’t have coffee or tea.. Come on they screen the movie so early and not serve hot drinks!!! Whatever…..
We enter the theatre to realize somebody else is sitting in our seats.. We were like ‘Shit! did we come for the wrong show?’
Finally after a lot of confusion we got the seats and yes we had come for the right show.. :)
And the movie starts.. Ranbir Kapoor looks nice.. would have looked even better if he had his dad’s face and not mom’s..wat to do..
Sonam Kapoor looks ok..It would have been nice if she got her mom’s face and not dad’s. The whole time I felt like I was watching Anil Kapoor dressed up as a woman. though less hairy..he he he.. Anyways we were wondering how she managed to lose 30 or 50 kgs for the movie.. Even we want to.. hmmm.. that’s like a never ending fight with our body…
Rani Mukerjee looks like a total slut.. specially with her over gawdy weird red nail polish.. which was like in your face.. especially for us since we were sitting in the first row..

The movie goes on and on.. very very slow.. at this point I had yawned probably countless number of times.. thankfully didn’t nod off..
I was wide awake for the Ranbir Kapoor nude show.. Stupid censor board had to cut off the entire nude scene.. if that was there I would given this movie 5 out of 5. I mean the guy has got an awesome body.. we got a peak of his bum(nice… :) ).. wouldn’t mind to see how his package looks like.. Hey not all women are seeda saada as they pretend to be…Just like how men like to see naked women.. Women also.. We have needs to…

Salman Khan was so so.. the movie jus drags on and on and on.. we were like, ‘hopefully Om Shanti Om would be better’…
We knew the movie was an adaptation of the White Nights. But I have a feeling that Sanjay Leela Bhansali never read the entire book.. probably fell asleep halfway through it..
I mean the bloody movie didn’t have an ending. It just stopped in between.
I mean guys,..Sanjay Leela Bhansali should be shot on sight… Sony pictures must be regretting producing the damn movie..

Ya so we come out of the theatre so pissed off.. We needed to cheer up…And no we didn’t decide to make out… he he he though that would have made some ppl happy (eyes rolling)..
We decided to get a haircut.. so below are the pics of Lux and I after our haircut..
We look gorgeous.. Ya We are not at all insecure.. We don’t need other ppl telling us that we look good. :P We know it…
So enjoy..

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