Jesus Toast Anyone??

I saw this picture and had to share it with all of you.

I don’t think this is what Jesus meant when he said that the bread be converted to his body.
What would be the ad caption for this be?
‘Have Jesus for breakfast!! ‘
The church is going to be upset cuz till now only they had authority to convert the bread into Jesus’s body.

I also did a lil bit of scouting on the net and found that they have a Darth Vader toaster too.

It looks a little burned though but I guess all the Star War fans wouldn’t mind a burnt toast especially if it’s the bad ass dude that they are chewing up. :P

For all the girls out there, don’t feel bad they have a Hello Kitty toaster too.
I don’t know what to say about the people who came up with this idea. Innovative or Jobless?

So if you had a choice, whose face would you want on your toast?

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