Keyboard Mayhem

I re-enter my place of doom (aka work station) after a long weekend, switch on my system and tried to log in. I couldn't and I was secretly pleased that God finally answered my prayers but another part of me was like 'Is this their way of telling me ? You no longer work here!!'
I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del keys but the damn authentication box wouldn't turn up. The tech people sit like a 100 meters away from my cubicle but as per company rules I can't approach them directly, I need to call up the call centre which is half way across the world, tell them my problem and they would call the tech people and inform them of my issues. Is it just me or is that a more complicated procedure?
Anyways it's almost an hour of non-productive work. I'm just sitting at my place and staring at a blank screen. The tech dude takes his own sweet time and turns up eventually. I ranted on and on about how much my work has been affected and made it quite clear to him that the company would collapse since I couldn't work for the past one hour. He presses the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys and voila it works. He gives me a look as if I am mentally deranged. I felt so stupid and mumbled an apology.
A week later again, I faced the same issue. Like a maniac I kept pressing the buttons again and again and finally the screen popped up. While I was working, I realized some of the keys were not working properly, like the Del key and other keys too. I couldn't work on my so called important document. This time I just approached the dude directly and informed him about my issue. He said he'll come and look it. I was prepared this time and had a novel with me. I spend an hour and a half reading before he eventually turned up. He came with a brand new keyboard. I was like 'Finally some improvement'.
This time the dude calls up the call centre to inform them about my issue and that took like forever due to his Indian accent mainly. It was hilarious to listen to. He keeps the phone down and informs me that he will replace my keyboard in two days time and till then I have to use the same keyboard. I was like 'You gotta be kidding me!! How the hell am I suppose to work?' He's like it will take 2 days to process the request. He has a brand new keyboard with him. It's not like he has to go to a shop and buy it.
After a lot of talking and pleading from my end, he got me another keyboard and guess what?? The arrow keys don't work on this one. He just replaced mine with another dysfunctional one :(

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