Papa I'm Lost!

I came across these cute snaps of my brother when he was a kid and thought of writing about his various lil adventures as a kid.
He’s gotten lost many times and I would like to recount the few that were hilarious.

Safa Park – Dubai
A whole bunch of us had gone to Safa Park(a huge widespread park) for a picnic. As usual all the kids were playing ball, the parents were all sitting around & chatting and the remaining few who didn’t belong to either category and wished they were somewhere else.
My brother, Stevan (2 years old) was along with the children, trying to get the attention of the bigger kids to include him in the gang. After some time my dad gets a call on his cell phone from an unknown number. He picks up and my bro was like ‘Papa, I’m lost’. Keep in mind, this is a 2 year old to whom my dad had told his mobile number once , a long time ago. Till the point Stevan called, we didn’t know he was lost. He started describing things around him, like people playing cricket, having a bonfire. My dad followed his directions and found him with a bunch of people around him. Steve went to an Arab who had come for a picnic with his wives(Yup! You read it right ‘WIVES’) and kids (which was a small battalion) and they were so amazed by this small kid who approached them , asked to use their phone to give directions to his dad.

Al Nazr Leisureland – Dubai
We had gone for a concert and Steve got lost. Mom thought he was with me, I thought he was with dad and so on. How are we suppose to find a kid in a stadium full of people and its completely dark too. We were searching for him for almost an hour. Mom started hyperventilating and it was becoming crazy. We started announcing his name but obviously a very inquisitive kid aint gona listen to an announcement. There were food stalls outside of the stadium and this kid was in the Lipton Tea stall with a cup of water and tea bags. He was having the time of his life, quite fascinated by the change in color of water when he dips the tea bags.

Carrefour, City Centre – Dubai
My mom had gone with Steve, her brother and sis-in-law for shopping in Carrefour. This kid managed to go missing in a huge shopping mall. My mom, for some weird reason called up home to find out whether Steve was there. A 2 year old walked miles from a shopping centre to home – clearly my mom was really panicking and didn’t know what she was saying. They searched for more than an hour and found the kid where all the shopping carts were lined up. My bro was going through a phase where he was fascinated by wheels, be it on anything. Carrefour had lined up a lot of shopping carts in one corner and my bro was busy rolling the wheels on each and every shopping cart. By the time he was found, he was almost half way through the entire lot.

Now he’s all grown up and is bigger than me. So he might not like the fact that I wrote about his childhood anecdotes. Currently I’m miles away from him and he can’t box me so I’m safe for the time being.

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