Pre-Marital Counselling

You heard me right!! PR and I had to attend pre-marital counseling classes if we had to get married in a church.
We had people who have no experience in marriage telling us how to live a successful and happy marriage. To add to the misery was that the entire thing was for 3 whole days and that too on weekends. The only high point in a week were weekends and they took that away from me.
People have been asking me to recount my experience in the so called counseling classes but it was so traumatic and painful that I have actually blocked it out of my head.
PR incidentally has written not one but three posts on this topic. Do check it out.
I hope that I never have to go through this again. Next time I’m getting a register marriage!!
Did I just say next time? Why would I do that? I will have a live in relationship.
OMG!! I’m just making things worse for myself. I might not even have a wedding once PR reads this.

To think that I went for those stupid classes for nothing!!!

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