Shoes.... Glorious Shoes...

PR got me new footwear this weekend. And girls its just awesome.. I didn't own a pair of red heels and he just added that to the list.

Don't they look sexy!!! I'm so in love with them

Now you know why I'm marrying him. :)

Since I was doing a post on shoes, I thought of sharing some of my favorite pairs.

These sexy purple pumps were given to me by Nina, Sriks (Madam Butterfly) and Karthik. Nina girl.. these shoes are so pretty. I LOVE them.. Thank you so much you guys...

Don't they look so cute together... Sigh!!!

These are my favorite pair of black heels. I got them from Bombay. I still remember the first time I wore them, felt like a million bucks but after some time my feet were slowly killing me.
To get some relief, I would
remove the heels and stand one
foot on PR's foot and the other on Karthik's. You guys were my knights in shining armor!!

These lavender ones were picked up in Bangalore. I loved the color and had to pick it up. They looked so cute and elegant.
Its got a see through material in between, makes me feel like Cinderella, wearing glass slippers except in super cute lavender. :)

Silver stilettos were a steal.
I got them for 50% off. I got it for Rs 300( $6). I couldn't believe my eyes. Then again I was so broke and contemplating whether to buy them. PR was like if you don't pick them, i'm going to get them and gift it to some hot girl. And he can get.... You can imagine the rest of the story...

These are my favorite pairs of footwear for the time being. That does not mean it ends with this. There are so many more shoes out there just for me. I read in a magazine that a Jimmy Choo store has opened up in Chennai, but the brilliant people conveniently forgot to mention the address. My current wish is to try on a pair of Jimmy Choo.. I'm not asking for much. Am I??

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