Traffic Signal

PR has this weird thing with traffic signals. He absolutely hates them. I can understand its annoying to get caught at a traffic signal, but I think he’s seriously got issues.
He would rather take a detour and go the longer route to reach his destination, so that he can miss the ‘wretched’ signals. Yesterday he was dropping me back home and I was navigating him through a new route and we got stuck in a signal. If looks could kill, I would have been dead. The timer showed 60 seconds which was not good for me at all. We were stuck in the signal for ONE whole minute. He was nearly fuming and was telling me how the signal was mocking us. One minute of his life has been wasted on the damned signal.
I found his frustration hilarious, which didn’t help either. I was trying so hard not to laugh. He’s the cool and calm one in our relationship and I’m the one who’s hyperventilating. It was cute to see him like that. Obviously once he reads this, he’s going to completely deny this and say that he was doing it to make me laugh.

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