Ajab Prem Ki.. & The Vampire Diaries

Madam Butterfly or MB, PR and I had gone for Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani. By now you would know that the choice of the movie was mine. My selling point was ‘Katrina Kaif! You guys can drool over her’. They were like ‘Is she naked in the movie?’ I was like ‘No!! but I’ll get you caramel popcorn’ and they agreed. I have strange friends one of whom I’m marrying!! Hmmm….
It was a candy floss movie. You have to leave your brain outside before entering the theatre. We entered half an hour late and I gave them so much of heat for it but honestly we didn’t miss much and wouldn’t have even if we entered 1 hour later.
To make up for the lost time, I was forced to accompany them to the nearby gaming arcade Blur, where they played mindless shooting and car games. I was in fact a passenger for MB while he drove a hummer. It was crazy.
It was raining heavily over the weekend and we couldn’t go out and PR was forced to watch the Vampire Diaries with me.

I have been wanting to watch the series for quite some time and finally got around it. The gist of the story: A high school girl torn between two vampire brothers – the good guy & the baddie.

The good guy aka Hero, Stefan (I like the name) Salvatore is blah according to me. I know many of you won’t agree with me but he is not my type. He looks so boring and stoned and I was so disappointed with the show till the baddie entered the picture. The bad guy, Damon Salvatore, is Oh-MY-God-I- Can’t-Breathe-HOT. PR literally had to remind me to breathe because of my drooling. That guy has got a cool voice, awesome hair and looks yummy. Anybody want to give him as an early Christmas gift for me!! I promise to worship and praise you for the rest of my life. Anyone?? For once PR actually liked the show (though he’ll never admit that in person and is gona kill me cuz I just told all of you.) In his defense, he likes it cuz the girl is hot and so much better than the barely alive one in Twilight – Bella Swan.

So all you girls go watch the show for the bad guy.. He's worth it

Its like watching How I met your Mother just for Barney Stinson.

In Barney's words this show is Legen-wait-for-it -dary!!

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