The day I lost and found my Cell Phone

I couldn’t find my phone the day before yesterday. The last time I made a call was to PR on my way back from work. I went to a couple of shops and went back to the Paying Guest (PG) where I stay.

I get this feeling of cleaning up my cupboard like once in a blue moon and I had decided to do that once I reached the PG. After 2 hours of that I got so sick of it and wanted to get the feeling of domestic duties out of my system , that I decided to call PR. I couldn’t find my phone. When I call up its ringing and no one’s picking up so I was a bit comforted by the fact that no one’s stolen it so far. And to add to the misery was the fact that I had put my phone on silent cuz I was attending a meeting earlier. I searched like everywhere and couldn’t find the damn thing. All the neatly folded (almost) clothes were all pulled out to search for it but nada, zilch I couldn’t find it.

I was pretty upset cuz it’s such a pain getting all the contact numbers and stuff. My roommates were on the other extreme. Our conversation goes something like this

RMs: Yahoo!! You have a perfectly good reason to buy a new phone
ME: But I just bought this phone couple of months back
RMs: So what?? You can buy a new one. Come let’s check out the latest ones
They open up a site which has all the latest models of cell phones of all brands possible
ME: I only like Nokia. I don’t want any other brand and I also have a price range. I want something below 5000 Rs or even within 2000 Rs range
RMs: Cheapskate!!
Pretending to ignore me they carry on browsing
RMs: What are the facilities that you want on your mobile?
ME: I will be perfectly happy with a black and white cell phone. I’m just going to use the phone to talk and text.
RMs: (Scandalized expression!!) Sonia, You have to keep a reputation if you want to be our friend and the basic necessity is a color phone which looks super cool.
ME: :(

PR has two phones and he gave me his BlackBerry(BB) temporarily. I have never used a BB before so PR had to give me a quick tutoring on that. The BB is a mammoth giant of a phone. I don’t know how people carry that around. A part of me was like I’d rather be without a phone than carry this brick.

To add to the shithole that I was already in, I had to go book train tickets to go to my hometown so I woke up really early around 5AM to go to the station. I took an auto rickshaw (which is a 3 wheel vehicle used as a taxi in India. Brangelina were so fascinated by it that they took a ride in it when they came to India which led to a media frenzy and caused traffic jam!! :D).

Yeah well coming back to my story, so I had to take out cash so I ask the auto driver to stop at a nearby ATM. I type in all my credentials and the amount I want but nothing happens. The card is in the atm and I have no cash, neither a phone to complain about the stupid card stuck in the atm. I look up and go ‘What the F#%& dude? This is not funny. I am sure you are enjoying yourself seeing me squirm in this misery’. Mind you I’m shouting at the top of my lungs and the auto driver is peering in from the outside wondering who the hell I’m talking to. He had this look of Oh-MY-Gawd-I’m-taking-a-crazy-talking-to-herself-loony-lady and wondering what he got himself into.

After pressing, hitting and kicking the atm machine for almost 5 minutes, I gave up hope and was stepping out when all of a sudden, the atm machine spits out my precious card. I had the look as if the Kohinoor diamond was spat out by the atm. :)

Finally I found my mobile in my landlady’s handbag. How that got in there is a total different blog post all together.

Two things I learned from this fiasco are

  • BBs suck!! I’m never ever getting them
  • Next time if I get the domestic duty feeling I should squish and never let it overtake me

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