New Moon Release in India

I have really bad news for Twihards* in India. New Moon is releasing only on December 4th. It sucks big time. We have to wait 2 whole weeks to watch the movie whereas the rest of the world would have watched it twice. Ugh!!

Twilight was never released in India so they are releasing it on 20th November. How lame!! They could have released much earlier and New Moon on 20th.

I was so looking forward to watching the movie and been bugging PR to take me for it.

I’m going to see the positive of this bad news.
  • Never saw Twilight in the theatre so it would be awesome to watch the movie in big screen.

  • It would be nice to recollect what happened in the first movie before watching the sequel. (Forget the fact that I have the movie on my laptop and have already watched it countless number of times)

  • It will be super to see Edward on the big screen whichever movie it is.

So my countdown for New moon is going to be 24 days(Its practically a month. Sigh!!) but for Edward its just 9 more days. Yipee!!

This is the 50th post for my blog and what better topic than Twilight. So Happy Half Century to my blog!! Yeah!!

I decided to change my template to celebrate the golden jubilee of my blog. I found this awesome template. Loved the color!! What you guys think of it?? love it or hate it??

*Fans of Twilight are called Twihards. PR thinks Twits is more apt. Yeah Whatever!! :P

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