9 Feet High

PR, MB, Kay (Karthik, who will be called Kay in my blog, he was given an option to choose his pseudonym cuz this might be one of last few decisions he will be making in his life as he’s getting married :D ) and I decided to go to 9 Feet High, which is a bar cum restaurant, facing the Bay of Bengal, to celebrate Kay’s last days of freedom.

They came and picked me up at home and they were playing with Bread while waiting for me. I got hugged by all of them along with doggie drool. As we enter 9 Feet High, they were like ‘ We need to wash our hands as we played with Bread’ and I as usual never think before I speak blurted ‘Even I need to wash because I was touched by all of you’. That came out so wrong and the people around gave me weird looks and I will always be known as the The-Girl-Who-Was-Touched-By-All. :(

I’m a teetotaler and I know it’s difficult to believe that after reading my blog cuz most of the posts look like I wrote them when piss drunk. Well you are wrong. I’m quite sober when I write. I couldn’t even tolerate a Bacardi Breezer which has only 4% alcohol but now I can take few sips and not feel dizzy ( I know I should be ashamed, can’t even stomach a few sips of breezer! Well let’s put it this way, I got high on cough syrup – that’s a total different story , PR loves to tell this anecdote every time it comes up cuz I don’t remember anything and I’m dead sure he embellishes most of it. )

I’m a vegetarian till Christmas and these morons(in spiting of knowing) were ordering squid, chicken, beef, fish and everything else that moved whereas I had to satisfy myself with mashed potato & carrots (which was not even nice :( ). 9 Feet high has got an awesome location and view but the food sucks big time especially the veggie bit.

The conversations we had went from annoying parents especially moms to making balloons out of condoms. I don’t even remember how the topics hop skipped from one to another. It was good fun. I enjoyed even though I was shivering cuz of the cold wind.

I learned a new birthday song which MB sang to Kays on his birthday. It goes like this

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
May You have many girl friends
And may you have many boy friends
And may you swing both ways too!!
Happy Birthday to You!

The whole time MB kept touching Kays thigh for no particular reason. They want to get facials done together. Hmmm… I don’t know for whom I should be worried about. I think I better warn Kay’s fiancĂ© not to let MB & Kays to be left alone. :)

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